The Vandal releases new rap record ‘Pyro’

The rapper from Scotland known as the Vandal has released his latest hip-hop LP record, “Pyro.” The album has been globally published on the Mosa Records independent music label based in Spain, without the influence of the corporate music industry. Full of infectious melodies, booming bass, rat-a-tat back beats and a novel’s worth of rhymes and lines, “Pyro” is the Vandal’s most expertly spat rap album to date and one of the best hip-hop LPs for 2016 so far.

“Pyro” is the most prominent official release from the Vandal since 2014’s “I Make It Hot.” That single, which created the artist’s fan base in many parts of the world, brought hard rock guitar riffs behind his inimitable skills as an emcee. It is included as Track 9 of “Pyro” and is one of the record’s most powerful songs.

The Vandal’s “Pyro” is far from a rap-rock record, however. Firmly founded on bass, drums and lyric aggression, melody lines on “Pyro” are largely keyboard and synth based, excellently composed for an unstoppable hook in nearly every track. Still, it’s the writing and delivery of the Vandal’s lines which will keep hip-hop fans coming back for more. Extremely personal and utterly without “gangsta” machismo, “Pyro” is a rap record for people uninterested in shallow boasting and bling.

“I’m just telling my story,” writes the Vandal, “or as I see it, my version of my life, not what others think they know. No bullets, no bullsh*t.”

The Vandal has been performing at locales across the United Kingdom and France, supporting acts such as Stanley Odd, the Highland Jungalists and T-Rextacy. He has lately been appearing at music festivals all over Scotland, turning heads of music fans and music critics alike.

His music has been described as, “The sound of a raw American ghetto rapper, with the lyrics of an award winning storyteller.”

The Vandal’s current official bio at the official Mosa Records website says:

“The Vandal is a one-man show that spits his life, his feelings, his fears and his heart out in his songs. An honest rapper with nothing to lose and everything to gain, he’s only in it for the music, and is a long way away from fast cars, money and bitches. His music is real and has been sculpted to showcase something that is unique to Scotland.”

“Pyro” by the Vandal is available online worldwide from Mosa Records now. Get in early, rap fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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