Matt Eugene releases new EP ‘Midnight Train’

The singer and songwriter known as Matt Eugene has released his latest EP record, “Midnight Train.” The album comprises five original Eugene tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has proudly been published as an independent release outside the reach of the corporate music infrastructure. A remarkably evocative and accessible acoustic pop/rock record, Matt Eugene’s “Midnight Train” rolls and grooves with an inertia more powerful than that of many “plugged-in” records.

Canadian-born Matt Eugene cites as main artistic influences such popular musicians as Dallas Green, Ben Folds, Alice in Chains, and the Pixies. From these Eugene takes certain nuances to add to his own unique amalgam, which feels like grunge-inspired alternative rock except warmer, striking the ear more gently and pulling at the hearer with hooks and refrains more native to the pop genre.

Matt Eugene himself describes “Midnight Train” as something more personal than mere classifications, however.

“My album shares an acoustic rock sound reflective of pain we go through in our lives,” he writes, adding also that it comments on what he calls “positive changes in life.”
This is not to say that his “Midnight Train” EP is strictly autobiography. It isn’t.

“I’ve always taken an intimate angle to all my songwriting,” writes Eugene, “and I put a lot of emotion into my songs. I try to write about something everyone can relate to no matter what age or who they are. It pleases me to know I might touch someone with my songs or have some influence on them for a positive change. My life is music and always will be.”

Matt Eugene grew up in the Canadian city of Moncton, New Brunswick. He has written and performed in a great many musical styles, including rock, grunge, funk, metal, roots rock and acoustic folk. After playing in many groups led by himself or by others, he eventually found his way to the modern studio where he could make his music precisely the way he wanted.

His current official bio tells it: “I never really fit in anywhere or did anything everyone else was doing, I just played bass for various bands, guitar, and sang. I tried having my own bands a few times, but I found the easiest way to do something is to do it yourself. I’m pretty flexible, but a lot of musicians and friends just didn’t have the drive and compassion for it that I did – I mean, to make it really work – and stick together.”

It’s not that Eugene has simply decided to record on his own, either, but rather that technology has made it possible.

“I’m happy my fans can finally access my music in this digital age,” Eugene writes. “The industry has changed so much; I remember getting rejected by a major label in the ’90s, and being so young, I took it hard and thought the worst. But now everything is so different. An artist has more power on their own than they ever did before. You want to do something in your life you’re passionate about? Just do it. Don’t let anything slow you down!”

His official bio concludes – “Matt is in his late 30s and continues to look for opportunities to share his music every day.”

“Midnight Train” by Matt Eugene is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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Mercury Morning release new EP ‘Temple Grey’

The alternative rock crew known as Mercury Morning have released their new EP record, “Temple Grey.” The EP has been proudly published on the band’s own eponymous, independent label without support or adulteration from the corporate music industry. Comprising four original tracks for an approximate listening time of 16 minutes, “Temple Grey” represents a roundly comprehensive treatment of this powerful, pop-charged alt-rock group from New York City.

Music by Mercury Morning evokes a colorful and textured range of emotion. It sounds loud no matter how low the volume on the stereo, achieving a live feel and tone which pulls the listener into the music and infuses him or her with adrenaline.

The band cites as musical influences artists reflecting their respective instruments and characters. These include Thom Yorke and Chino Moreno, the Cinematic Orchestra and the Mars Volta, Robert Fripp and Paul Masvidal, Secret Machines and Frightened Rabbit. While the styles and tones of each are widely varied of course, the true audiophile will quickly note the consistent thread of high quality running throughout the list. The resulting “Temple Grey” EP will come as no surprise to such a listener.

Asked to describe the overall theme of their new EP, Mercury Morning write that is revolves around the concept of equality “in the sense that human frailty is universal but does not define us.”

Mercury Morning has been an active entity in New York’s music scene since 2008. Their present lineup boasts four extremely talented musicians but only one founding member, thus reflecting the natural evolution of a band in the independent rock underground playing steadily at peak performance. They have described NYC, their base of operations, as “the most diverse community of musicians any city could have.”

Their “Temple Grey” EP is the band’s fourth extended-play record release. Recorded by the band, themselves, it was mixed by Ted Young and mastered by Jessica Thompson.

“Temple Grey” by Mercury Morning is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of alt- and indie rock. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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Rearview Minor release new EP ‘Three’

The rock band from Maryland known as Rearview Minor have released their latest EP record, “Three.” The album contains three original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 12 minutes. Like the band’s previous material, “Three” has been proudly published as an independent release outside the reach and influence of the corporate music industry. Harmonic and extremely well-written, “Three” by Rearview Mirror pulses with a power-pop groove and cuts with an alt-rock edge that fans of verve-charged rock music everywhere are sure to appreciate.

On Rearview Minor’s official Facebook page, they cite as main artistic influences only two bands, original indie legends, Ween, and alt-rock underdogs from the American East Coast, Extreme. With these Rearview Minor shares a number of similarities. The variety of tones, moods and textures on “Three” is remarkable – particularly considering that the EP achieves this range in only three tracks – a strength Ween has always had in spades. Rearview Minor’s ample capacity for aggression and tenderness in equal measures recalls some of the best moments of both bands, also.

At the heart of Rearview Minor is singer-songwriter Drew Chap. Asked to describe his project, he writes that it is “a project I’ve cultivated over the past year or so with help from a bunch of friends. The name ‘Rearview Minor’ was formed in much the same manner as some of the songs: through a combination of bonus time and the energy that comes from the euphoria of friends recently reunited, as much more appearance of substance and meaning is apparent than is actually there.”

Appearances aside, however, the EP is at least partially a result of these connections, and Chap is quick to acknowledge it.

“It’s not all smoke and mirrors,” he writes. “’Rearview Minor’ has prophetically come to symbolize the childhood nostalgia embodied by these songs, from old southern jig to pirate anthem to traditional Irish pub sing-along – looking back to the pre-adulthood days when everything seemed possible, and responsibility was as transparent as the bottom of the glass at the end of the night.”

“Three” by Rearview Minor is available online worldwide. Fans of alt-rock and the original indie-rock sound should absolutely get in early.

-S. McCauley

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