DJ Pad releases new single ‘4000’



The French composer of digital music known as DJ Pad has released his most recent single track, titled, “4000.” The track has been independently released of support from major corporate music companies on the 4000 Records music label. Not literally a single release but rather only a single in the categorical sense, DJ Pad’s “4000” has been published with two other digital music tracks alongside, “Pride” and “Prism (Reloaded).” The trio of songs have a combined approximate total listening time of 15 minutes, longer than some EP album releases.


DJ Pad cites such artists as Hallucinogen, ATB, Cosmic Gate, Angerfist, Afrojack, Sebastian, Hanz Zimmer, and Mike Oldfield as main artistic influences. He describes himself in one online bio in the following few words: “I’m a french producer who makes trance, house, hardcore/gabber and some other styles of music like psytrance/ambient/dubstep.”


“4000” is DJ Pad’s most significant official release since his late 2012 double LP record, “Waiting to be Discovered,” a gigantic and remarkable record which included two hours of music. It was this record which broke DJ Pad to the music listening world, and one which permanently lifted him to the status of one of France’s most imminent and creative EDM artists in recent years.


To date, DJ Pad has composed a great many hours of music – 35 at last public count – and has made five albums available to the public. He has said that his goal in making music is to inspire good feelings in the hearts of his fans, and to “share the craziness and the happiness of the songs’ beats, making listeners have a sudden urge to move their feet and forget all the worries of life.”


“4000” by DJ Pad, as well as his past LP records, are available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer




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