Big Dirty Moe Vega releases new single ‘Enchanting’

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Big Dirty Moe Vega has released his latest official single, “Enchanting.” The single has been proudly published on the Big Ol’ Pimp Records Inc. independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Deep, cruising, booming and full of that lush ’90s hip hop sound, “Enchanting” stands as evidence that Big Dirty Moe Vega is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

Big Dirty Moe Vega cites as main artistic influences a variety of legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Easy-E, N.W.A., D.O.C., Above the law, Gangstarr, Nas, Rakim, E.P.M.D., Snoop Dogg, the Luniz, and Dru Down. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s own style brings much of that OG 1990s sound into the 21st century with a blend of Los Angeles and New York City elements that will likely appeal to hip hop fans from coast to coast.

Kalamazoo, MI’s Big Dirty Moe Vega has been rapping since the 7th grade and is quick to give a shout out to his childhood friend with whom he started freestyling, Benito Whitley. While his name may seem flippant, Big Dirty Moe Vega has society’s best interest in mind.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of his new single, Moe Vega writes, “My message is Big Ol’ Pimp! Which simply means, Black Intellectual Game Over Lames Positive Influencing Massive Populations! ‘B.I.G. O.L’ P.I.M.P.’ is an acronym. I took something that’s considered negative and turned it into a powerful and positive way of expressing my art from an extreme high level of creativity.”

Most people may know Kalamazoo from the Glenn Miller big-band classic, but Big Dirty Moe Vega comes from a different scene altogether.

“The north side of Kalamazoo was just a great place to be growing up in,” he writes, “until the crack era came about. I watched my neighborhood waste away from a strong community to a drug-infested war zone overnight! Being the tenth child out of my family, it was extremely hard to grow up as a young, black male in the hood with such massive overtones of negativity upon me daily. There was not a family that I knew on the north side who had not been affected in a dysfunctional manner by the Reagan and Clinton era through the ’90s.”

But who is Big Dirty Moe Vega?

“Who I really am? Who I really am is a 6’8” black male surviving in a strong racially bigoted city! I didn’t sell crack to raise a family. I worked my a– off through much stressful bigotry. This town has not been good to me and mine at all.”

Big Dirty Moe Vega’s tribulations include, among a great many other things, termination from work on account of attending funeral services for his mother.

“I am what this town has made me into,” he writes. “From ’88 to ’95, I was on the block getting illegal money – but from ’95-2017 I have been doing it all legal, even with employers who did not appreciate strong, tall, black males with even stronger work ethics.”

In spite of his struggles, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s music brings a spirit of inspiration to listeners everywhere.

“My strongest message of all is, keep God first and foremost in your life,” says Moe Vega. “No matter if you have mean-spirited people in your family, phony friends talking down on you, or a town full of nay-sayers telling you that you will never amount to nothing. Or if you come from a town or city where all odds are against you, please believe me! The Almighty is way bigger than all of that, and that you can succeed and be somebody! No matter what your age is, you can do whatever you put your mind to, period!”

“Enchanting,” the new single from Big Dirty Moe Vega on Big Ol’ Pimp Records, is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers beginning 2 December 2017.

-S. McCauley

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Caribbean pop singer Quick Dawg releases single ‘New Gyal’

The singer and songwriter of modern reggae and Caribbean pop known as Quick Dawg has released his latest single, “New Gyal.” The track has been proudly published on the Money Super Long independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Cool, mellow, stylish and full of groove, “New Gyal” is a surprise indie radio favorite to round out 2017.

Bahamas native Quick Dawg cites as main artistic influences legends such as Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Vybz Kartel, and Bob Marley. As might be surmised, his own style blends key elements of the roots music tradition with contemporary pop qualities for a sound that is both steeped in Caribbean culture and ripe for play on pop radio stations and nightclubs everywhere.

Quick Dawg (born Ramon Jason Thompson) was born and raised in the Bahamas and moved to the United Sates at age 17 with dreams of a better life for him and his family. His 16-track project, “Parental Advisory Advised,” appeared in 2011. It featured singles such as “Smoking Herbs” and “A Sample” which helped showcase his ability to, as his current bio puts it, “provide projects full of vibes and new style.” In 2012 Quick Dawg released his mixtape “Still Making Moves” featuring popular songs like “Yeaa Ahhh / Money Super Long.”

Quick Dawg wrote and recorded his first original music at age 12.

“I loved the feeling of creating music,” he writes. “I loved listening to songs on the radio. I realized I learned songs very fast and would be able to pick songs that a lot of people also liked.”

This talent carried Quick Dawg through a succession of popular releases including “No Heart” and “I Love Her” (2013), “Love How” (2014), “Show Me” (2015), “Roll Dat” (2016), and “In There” (2017). Many of these received international acclaim and continue to garner praise years after their publication.

Asked to describe the main themes of his “New Gyal” single, Quick Dawg writes simply: “Love, self expression, self respect, that one girl that seems like a new everyday, consent, freedom, unity, versatility, enjoy life.”

Quick Dawg’s much-anticipated album release, “International Transactions” is expected to drop in 2018.

“New Gyal” by Quick Dawg is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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Weston Simonis releases official music video ‘Yoga Pants’

The songwriter, singer and guitarist known as Weston Simonis has released his latest official video, “Yoga Pants.” The track has been distributed online worldwide and is available for viewing now. Showcasing Simonis’ considerable guitar chops, a bevy of yoga beauties and a driving rock beat, “Yoga Pants” is a video with plenty to offer the music fan.

Weston Simonis cites as main artistic influences Bruno Mars, Metallica, and Blink 182. His own style on “Yoga Pants” lies somewhere between pop and hard rock music with elements of hip hop thrown in for good measure. The star of the show, however, is clearly the yoga pants, with a good sense of humor coming in a close second.

Asked to describe his new video, Simonis writes, “The music video ‘Yoga Pants’ is a comedy pop/rock song. The song shares the silly dream you see of being the only guy in a fitness or yoga class and the yoga pants are so tight that you can’t focus on anything but them.” says of “Yoga Pants,” “[The video] absolutely confirmed that and why I was willing to support this guy from the beginning. What seems to be happening is that he is subtly tweaking his songs toward a clever mainstream, but still alternative sound. Being able to experiment with his songs, altering the sound, deepening the meaning, shows his strength as a performer and artist. With more freedom Weston is stretching way beyond the mainstream sound, yet still remaining extremely accessible.”

JamSphere notes that his record, ‘Moments of Intoxication,’ was named Best Indie Alternative Rock album of 2016 at the International Publisher Awards and has since garnered more than 20 licenses for film and radio distribution.

“Weston’s voice and guitar conveys a relentless quest to rise above a world of desperation and hopelessness,” writes JamSphere’s Jacob Aiden. “His music has a sense of – tell the truth, cleanse the soul, feel good, and keep on pushing. At the same time it’s clear that Simonis values tradition as well as he does modernity, and links between past and present in his music, it is also evident that his vision has expansive boundaries.”

“Yoga Pants,” the official video from Weston Simonis, is available for viewing now – see links below.

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Livid Lover releases surprise indie-pop single ‘Ayla You Blow My Mind’

The singer-songwriter known as Livid Lover has released his latest rock single, an indie-pop track titled “Ayla You Blow My Mind.” The track has been dropped with an accompanying B-side, “All Reason’s Leaving Now,” as well as an extended version for fans and enthusiasts. They are the first official releases from Livid Lover since his 2015 LP, “Don’t Worry, I’ll Always Love You … And of Course … Mess with Your Head.” Stylistically accessible, emotionally complex, and as creatively colorful as fans of Livid Lover have come to expect, “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is a single to remind us that contemporary pop can still bring depth and texture into the 21st century.

Livid Lover is the stage name of Blake Nolan Hanson. Hanson is also known for his work with Halo Minor, whose 2015 EP “Further Now You’re Close” features Derek Abrams of Ministry on drums. Hanson cites as main artistic influences a broad spectrum of legends including Stevie Wonder, Sia, the Mars Volta, Failure, the Year Of The Rabbit, Flood, Bjork, Deftones, and Massive Attack.

Also notable on “Ayla…” are the talents of Devin Tomczik, who provided drums and percussion which drive the music and lend palpable adrenaline and power.

Fans of power-pop bands like Big Star and the Plimsouls, as well as those of alternative-rock crews like Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins, are likely to find much to appreciate in “Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover. “Ayla…” blends acoustic minimalism in its production with unexpected yet effective chord progressions. Livid Lover’s raw vocals bespeak an underlying blues principle, his lyric style on “Ayla…” and its B-side, “All Reason’s…” venturing into the narrative mode of bluegrass.

This makes sense, as the Minneapolis native has since migrated to the American music hotbed of Nashville.

“Nashville has reinforced in me the importance of the lyric and storytelling,” writes Livid Lover. “I would not have written this single had it not been for the move. Any given night, one can find top-level writers performing. It’s just ridiculous. Humbling and eye opening as well.”

While music from Livid Lover does boast a level of maturity beyond typical “bubblegum” pop standards, Hanson, himself, does not wax proud. In fact, he dislikes taking credit for even his solo work.

“[Who writes my songs?] The multi-verse. My background in studying songwriting helps me collaborate with that infinite intelligence.”

He also helps fans understand his creative process in terms of a purposeful aural awareness.

“I gravitate to what sounds beautiful in my ears and try my best to put together what I can with what I feel I am good at doing. I want those who take time to listen to what I and my lovely collaborators do to have a unique experience. I really just want to become a super version of this weird thing inhabiting my body, and I want to see a huge shift in consciousness take place soon.”

Of no small interest, too, is Livid Lover’s unique method of self-motivation. This notably included the ultimatum of a donation to the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its use of inflammatory hate speech in the media. The artist could not allow himself to fail.

“It was part of a list of tasks to activate a quantum leap in my artist career,” Hanson explains. “My penalty for non-completion was a $50.00 check written to the Westboro Baptist Church. (Not my idea, but a great one to motivate me, I thought). This nine-day list had, like, five YouTube vids to post, a complete demo of ‘Ayla…’ 90% done, and some other uncomfortable things. Tiring week, but it all got done. Westboro got $0 from me, I found the exciting chorus, and I was able to send the song to the one who inspired it on her birthday as a gift.”

Music aficionados have similar reasons to celebrate. Songwriting like that of Livid Lover is a gift to music, itself, and to audiophiles everywhere.

“Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early.

An official music video for “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is also expected soon.

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