Rapper King Mal releases new single and music video, ‘Chicken Wing’

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as King Mal has released his latest single, “Chicken Wing.” It has been published with an accompanying official music video available for viewing at the King Mal official website (link provided below). Both the single and the video have been proudly published as independent releases without the direction of the corporate music industry. Real, grooving, and even funny at times, the “Chicken Wing” video and single by King Mal showcase the emcee skills of one of Buffalo, New York’s most creative artists.

King Mal is a hip hop performer with connections to nearly every corner of hip hop culture. His music takes elements of pop, dance, old-school, and even gangsta culture and creates a blend that speaks to anyone and everyone, no matter what their persuasion. “Chicken Wing” is a positive, upbeat track with a warm spirit that makes it attractive to fans of any music genre.

“My music message from an artist’s point is that of freedom, fun, partying and being yourself,” writes King Mal. “I want my listeners to feel a good all-around vibe when they hear my music.”

Mal achieves this goal partially by following in the footsteps of pop stars who have done it before him.

“My all-time favorite is Chris Brown,” Mal says. “He’s a big influence and someone I kind of see myself going in the same direction as.”

In addition to a solid back beat and the lines and rhymes of King Mal, the video edited by Formula 716 also introduces the innovative and infectious chicken wing step. It provides the connection to hip hop dance that makes up so much of King Mal’s stage performance.

“I was always a dancer and loved performing,” Mal says of his start in music. “I love the way good music can make you feel, move, and want to dance, so being that most of my friends were rappers, I decided to give it a shot myself and try something new.”

“Chicken Wing” from King Mal is available from over 600 quality digital retailers online worldwide beginning 15 December 2017.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Chicken Wing” from King Mal –


Official Website –


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