Big Dirty Moe Vega releases new single ‘Enchanting’

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Big Dirty Moe Vega has released his latest official single, “Enchanting.” The single has been proudly published on the Big Ol’ Pimp Records Inc. independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Deep, cruising, booming and full of that lush ’90s hip hop sound, “Enchanting” stands as evidence that Big Dirty Moe Vega is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

Big Dirty Moe Vega cites as main artistic influences a variety of legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Easy-E, N.W.A., D.O.C., Above the law, Gangstarr, Nas, Rakim, E.P.M.D., Snoop Dogg, the Luniz, and Dru Down. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s own style brings much of that OG 1990s sound into the 21st century with a blend of Los Angeles and New York City elements that will likely appeal to hip hop fans from coast to coast.

Kalamazoo, MI’s Big Dirty Moe Vega has been rapping since the 7th grade and is quick to give a shout out to his childhood friend with whom he started freestyling, Benito Whitley. While his name may seem flippant, Big Dirty Moe Vega has society’s best interest in mind.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of his new single, Moe Vega writes, “My message is Big Ol’ Pimp! Which simply means, Black Intellectual Game Over Lames Positive Influencing Massive Populations! ‘B.I.G. O.L’ P.I.M.P.’ is an acronym. I took something that’s considered negative and turned it into a powerful and positive way of expressing my art from an extreme high level of creativity.”

Most people may know Kalamazoo from the Glenn Miller big-band classic, but Big Dirty Moe Vega comes from a different scene altogether.

“The north side of Kalamazoo was just a great place to be growing up in,” he writes, “until the crack era came about. I watched my neighborhood waste away from a strong community to a drug-infested war zone overnight! Being the tenth child out of my family, it was extremely hard to grow up as a young, black male in the hood with such massive overtones of negativity upon me daily. There was not a family that I knew on the north side who had not been affected in a dysfunctional manner by the Reagan and Clinton era through the ’90s.”

But who is Big Dirty Moe Vega?

“Who I really am? Who I really am is a 6’8” black male surviving in a strong racially bigoted city! I didn’t sell crack to raise a family. I worked my a– off through much stressful bigotry. This town has not been good to me and mine at all.”

Big Dirty Moe Vega’s tribulations include, among a great many other things, termination from work on account of attending funeral services for his mother.

“I am what this town has made me into,” he writes. “From ’88 to ’95, I was on the block getting illegal money – but from ’95-2017 I have been doing it all legal, even with employers who did not appreciate strong, tall, black males with even stronger work ethics.”

In spite of his struggles, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s music brings a spirit of inspiration to listeners everywhere.

“My strongest message of all is, keep God first and foremost in your life,” says Moe Vega. “No matter if you have mean-spirited people in your family, phony friends talking down on you, or a town full of nay-sayers telling you that you will never amount to nothing. Or if you come from a town or city where all odds are against you, please believe me! The Almighty is way bigger than all of that, and that you can succeed and be somebody! No matter what your age is, you can do whatever you put your mind to, period!”

“Enchanting,” the new single from Big Dirty Moe Vega on Big Ol’ Pimp Records, is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers beginning 2 December 2017.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Enchanting” from Big Dirty Moe Vega –

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