Beat composer Mo Beatz releases new LP album ‘Mo Better Beatz Than Blues’

The producer of hip hop instrumentals known as Mo Beatz has released his latest LP album, “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues.” The album contains 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Mo Better Beatz independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. A cutting edge hip hop record packed with instrumental grooves, “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” from Mo Beatz is a study in hip-hop music making.

Nigerian-born Mo Beatz cites as main artistic influences Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Pete Rock, and J Dilla. His own sound on “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” borrows mostly from the hip hop producers of the late eighties and mid- nineties, but Beatz’s sound is all his own. Primarily a work of minimalism and surgical precision, “Mo Better…” teaches that a clean beat with just a dash of melody should give any rapper more than enough to work with.

Mo Beatz originally released “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” in 2013 to widespread critical and fan acclaim. Now newly remixed and remastered, this clutch of beats never sounded more clear, more crisp, or more dialed-in to that sweet spot every rapper shoots for.

Mo Beatz started his career in hip hop in the 1990s. Disillusioned with his dependence on producers for beats and instrumentals, Beatz learned to work the boards himself.

“Shortly after this move, independent artists and up and coming rappers and singers began to take notice of his hip hop experimental sounds and quickly befriended him for beats,” says the artist’s current official bio. “However, due to the lack of freedom, airplay, respect for the underground artists and their creativity, and the constant changes in the music industry, Mo Beatz decided to take a break from music and went on a little hiatus.”

It was during this period that Beatz discovered instrumental recordings by titans of the 808s and 909s like Jay Dilla and Madlib.

“Mo Beatz found gratitude in their art and began to feel the need to make music again,” his bio reads. “He began to change his approach from a producer to more of an instrumental artist.”

“I love making music,” says Mo Beatz. “It’s a passion of mine. The money is secondary. The joy of making a song and having somebody else feel it is priceless. That’s the validation.”

“Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” by Mo Beatz is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early, beat fanatics.

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JasiCaesar releases new single and video ‘Wake’

The performer and producer of hip hop and pop music known as JasiCaesar has released his latest official single, “Wake.” The track has been dropped with an official lyric video freely available for listening and viewing online (link provided below). Both have been proudly published as independent releases without the direction of the corporate music industry. Rattling, bumping, full of melody and groove, “Wake” proves that JasiCaesar is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

The internationally acclaimed JasiCaesar cites as main artistic influences Fela Kuti, Nas, Mode9, 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. His own sound blends elements of many music styles for a pop melange that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners. His recent singles, “Eskelebe” and “Bang Bang,” have been featured on Indie Music Chat in Europe and the Americas since they appeared online. Music videos have also been made available for both tracks.

“I never thought people with different backgrounds could appreciate and love my art,” JasiCaesar says of his widespread success.

One of the first glimpses of his upcoming “The World Is Yours” EP album, “Wake” has a tale to tell that is both autobiographical and easy to relate to no matter where you’re from.

“Music kept me out of trouble but also got me into different experiences,” writes JasiCaesar. “My music shares true life experiences. “The World Is Yours” EP [on which ‘Wake’ will appear] is not a project but a life. The song shares strength, hope, power, courage and many more treasures.”

In the end, Jasi notes that the overall theme of his recent music and of “Wake” is one of progress and perseverance.

“Everyone needs to move on no matter what they have been through or are going through,” says JasiCaesar. “These words have got some positive forces behind them.”

JasiCaesar’s current official bio describes him as “a hip hop artist with diverse entertainment skills and a master’s degree holder in economics – cybernetics and management. His creativity has no boundaries from poetry to rhyming, singing to rapping, inspirational quotes and acting. He has proved he is genuine by being consistent yet flexible with his style.”

“Wake” by JasiCaesar and its accompanying official lyric video are available online worldwide now.

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Australian singer Paula Punch releases new single ‘Steer My Boat’

The singer-songwriter of contemporary folk known as Paula Punch has released her latest official single, “Steer My Boat.” The track has been proudly published on the Punch Park independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Mellow, melodic and uplifting, “Steer My Boat” is the latest reason for fans of contemporary folk music to take notice of this creative and unique voice from Australia.

Sydney’s Paula Punch has cited as main artistic influences Ed Kuepper, Joni Mitchell, Ron Sexsmith, Fleetwood Mac, LP, Elton John, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Alanis Morissette, Shawn Colvin, and Lucinda Williams. Her own style varies from track to track, but runs from a bouncy Sheryl Crow to a cross between Carole King and Paul Simon. An acoustic writer at heart, Punch populates her studio tracks with spare instrumentation that never sounds intrusive.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of her new “Steer My Boat” single, Paula Punch writes, “It’s a journey ….. speaking from a woman’s perspective about love, freedom, pain, passion, fun, fear, and hope through my life experience.”

“Steer My Boat” is the fifth release from Punch in a flurry of official 2017 drops including “Lucky Girl,” “Run and Hide,” “Watch over Me,” and “Match.” These popular singles, as well as the rumored upcoming EP album, have all appeared with global distribution under the Punch Park umbrella.

Paula Punch first began performing in the Philharmonic Motet Choir before she started fronting university bands, eventually settling into a career as a session singer. Her success led her to provide backing vocals for Ed Kuepper and recording some of her own originals with husband Phil Punch and Matt Fell. She has since embarked on live performances of her solo material including a string of opening spots for Ed Kuepper.

She is the founder of female singer-songwriter shows at which local Sydney acts perform under the collective banner, the Friday Girls.

Paula Punch now collaborates with guitarist and recording engineer/producer Rob Gist to bring her songs to life, with some music recorded at Electric Avenue Studios.

“Steer My Boat” by Paula Punch is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music stores now. Get in early, contemporary folk music fans.

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Dutch rocker Robin Roelofs releases new album ‘Row Your Boat’

The singer and producer of rock music known as Robin Roelofs has released his latest official LP album, “Row Your Boat.” The LP record contains 16 alternative rock originals for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been proudly published on the Land of Words Productions independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Raw, varied, and bearing the power and confidence that made rock music a staple around the globe, “Row Your Boat” stands as evidence that Robin Roelofs knows a solid jam when he plays one.

Netherlander Robin Roelofs reads as much as he rocks, if not more so. It should not surprise his fans, then, that he cites as main artistic influences Picasso the painter, Gaudi the architect, and Steinbeck the writer before reaching the category of music and mentioning Mozart the composer.

His music style has been called “unique in rhythm, in broadness, in warmth and chill-factor.” His lyric themes often tend toward the romantic. When they do not, Roelofs writes and sings about social injustice. His current official bio mentions many “shout-outs for peaceful solutions and a crystal clear way of sketching complicated matters in three verses and a bridge.”

One particularly poetic chorus runs, “Against the back ground of a sleazy love affair, a theme like indifference in politics is barbed wire cutting strong.”

Asked to comment on the topics of his new “Row Your Boat” LP, Robin Roelofs writes: “Hope, critical thinking, growth and developing as a human being; Love; Humour.”

“Row Your Boat” is the second LP album to appear from Roelofs in 2017, the first being “English Movies,” which also brought nearly an hour’s worth of music to fans everywhere.

A new single has also dropped from the Dutch rocker, “Hillbilly Setta Balls,” in March.

So unlock yourself and dream away, dance away, groove away, rave away.

The current official bio of Robin Roelofs describes him as “always searching for something new, and only working from the heart and soul.” It’s safe to say, therefore, that we can expect much more from this complex creator from the Old World.

“Row Your Boat” by Robin Roelofs is available online worldwide from over 600 digital music retailers now.

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Singer Nova releases debut single ‘Secret Love’

The Canadian-Brazilian singer of pop music known as Nova has released her debut single, “Secret Love.” The track has been proudly published on the Independent indie music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Pulsing with an ultra-modern house music style and thumping with a back beat that will fill dance floors anywhere it goes, “Secret Love” is a fitting pop track for any DJs play list.

Nova cites as main artistic influences Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. Her own style belongs beside them seamlessly, bearing many of the same qualities that made these singers legends. “Secret Love” has all the trappings of today’s most popular dance tracks, but Nova manages to stand out with natural, raw vocal strength and attractive verve in her delivery.

Living now in the snowy region of Canada, Nova’s South American fire and passion yet prevail, giving her performances a glow that stands out among her northern peers.

“One lifetime seems to be not enough time to live, love and learn as much as I would like,” she writes.

Nova has been singing since the age of four. Though still very young, she has been writing original music for over ten years. Today, she still pens all of her own music, a feat in a music genre noted for cover tunes and frequently traded lyrics.

At a very early age, Nova entered performance competitions for both dance and song. Her other talents found her acting in musicals and theater, as well, dramatic attributes she shows off in unlisted music videos online and in her live performances.

Asked to comment on the major themes of her new “Secret Love” single, she doesn’t waste time.

“To love fearlessly, to remember that each one of us matters, and to never stop dreaming.”

“Secret Love” by Nova on the Independent music label is available now from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide.

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Rapper Treythelegend releases new single ‘Struggle’

The rapper, song-writer, and composer of hip hop known as Treythelegend has released his latest official single, “Struggle.” The track has been proudly published on the rapper’s own Struggle independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Boasting catchy, melodious chords and heartfelt urban poetry from this veteran of the 21st century sound, “Struggle” is evidence that Treythelegend is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

Dallas, Texas’ own Treythelegend cites as main artistic influences Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Chris Brown and Usher. His own style on “Struggle” is subtle, genuine, eloquent and refined, which is to be expected from an artist who has been making music since the age of three. Fans of Usher and Logic in particular will find much to appreciate in this recent offering.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Struggle,” Treythelegend writes, “A very large percentage of our younger generation is being raised without a positive father-figure within the household. The topic is not a ‘race’ issue, but a ‘world’ issue as a whole.”

Treythelegend has noted his mother as a source of inspiration in the past. He describes her guidance by quoting her: “Believe that no matter what you do, no one can stop a man or woman that has a vision. Successful people are people of vision. You can lose everything, but as long as you got a vision, you will get back up again.”

Speaking of the problem of single-parenthood around the globe, Treythelegend writes, “Together we can turn a negative situation into something positive – but it takes a village to raise a child.”

He prominently mentions the need for selflessness.

“It may require temporarily putting self on the back burner, especially when we make the adult decision to become a parent. Parenting is much more than the sperm meeting the egg.”

Much like Treythelegend’s own phoenix-like rise in the hip hop community, his message is one of perseverance and forward thinking.

“No matter what the background of our parents may be,” he writes, “life’s about choices, and we can choose to do the right thing!”

Treythelegend’s current official bio describes him as an artist who “doesn’t view hip hop as an escape but as a method of inspiration to inspire others.”

“Struggle” by Treythelegend on the Struggle music label becomes available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers October 12 with iTunes, and October 13, 2017, with all other retailers.

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