Dutch rocker Robin Roelofs releases new album ‘Row Your Boat’

The singer and producer of rock music known as Robin Roelofs has released his latest official LP album, “Row Your Boat.” The LP record contains 16 alternative rock originals for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been proudly published on the Land of Words Productions independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Raw, varied, and bearing the power and confidence that made rock music a staple around the globe, “Row Your Boat” stands as evidence that Robin Roelofs knows a solid jam when he plays one.

Netherlander Robin Roelofs reads as much as he rocks, if not more so. It should not surprise his fans, then, that he cites as main artistic influences Picasso the painter, Gaudi the architect, and Steinbeck the writer before reaching the category of music and mentioning Mozart the composer.

His music style has been called “unique in rhythm, in broadness, in warmth and chill-factor.” His lyric themes often tend toward the romantic. When they do not, Roelofs writes and sings about social injustice. His current official bio mentions many “shout-outs for peaceful solutions and a crystal clear way of sketching complicated matters in three verses and a bridge.”

One particularly poetic chorus runs, “Against the back ground of a sleazy love affair, a theme like indifference in politics is barbed wire cutting strong.”

Asked to comment on the topics of his new “Row Your Boat” LP, Robin Roelofs writes: “Hope, critical thinking, growth and developing as a human being; Love; Humour.”

“Row Your Boat” is the second LP album to appear from Roelofs in 2017, the first being “English Movies,” which also brought nearly an hour’s worth of music to fans everywhere.

A new single has also dropped from the Dutch rocker, “Hillbilly Setta Balls,” in March.

So unlock yourself and dream away, dance away, groove away, rave away.

The current official bio of Robin Roelofs describes him as “always searching for something new, and only working from the heart and soul.” It’s safe to say, therefore, that we can expect much more from this complex creator from the Old World.

“Row Your Boat” by Robin Roelofs is available online worldwide from over 600 digital music retailers now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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