Wilx releases new single ‘Trap Nasty’

The music artist from Nashville, Tenn. known as Wilx has released his latest official single, “Trap Nasty.” The track has been published on the Bancroll Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. An official music video for Wilx’s “Trap Nasty” has also been released. A gritty, guts-real rap track written and performed in the tradition of the dirty south scene, “Trap Nasty” is evidence that Wilx is an artist to watch in 2016 and beyond.

Asked to cite some of his main artistic influences, Wilx writes: “A lot of Atlanta, Outkast to Future, Jay Z and a plethora of producers.” His own “Trap Nasty” is no mashup of existing music, however. “Trap Nasty” is trap music with a new spin and style which are unique to Wilx, himself.

A born creator, Wilx credits evocative music for his start as a rapper.

“How did I get involved? Just loved the feeling certain songs evoked,” he writes. “After being a fan for so long, I decided to try my hand at it.”

For his fans, the Nashville scene is all the better for it, as Wilx writes all his own music. His new, official video for “Trap Nasty” showcases him performing at a range of venues for a variety of audiences.

Speaking of the themes of “Trap Nasty,” Wilx lists: “The rhythm of life; Growth, the power to overcome hindering situations by staying productive and pursuing progression.”

Bancroll Ent. describes Wilx: “Nashville artist, Wilx, gives listeners further insight of his life speaking about his growth and transition from criminal to musical catalyst in middle TN. Citing landmarks such as ‘Hot Murphy x Hell Road’ (Murfreesboro rd x Bell rd) and 440 West End, Wilx speaks from a very identifiable perspective that connects with the people.”

His official SoundCloud bears the following descriptor: “Wilx is a distinct voice & feel that captures listeners upon impact. 3 projects in, he has shown consistency & progression with every drop. Wilx also makes a point to mention landmarks of his city (Nashville) in his music so that he’s always puttin’ on!”

“Trap Nasty” by Wilx is available online worldwide at over 700 quality digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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