Gunz Desperado & MJ Hill release new single ‘All Good Now’ ft. Three Dee

The music artists known as Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill have released their latest hip hop single, “All Good Now.” The track features the talents of Three Dee and has been proudly published on the 3DMusiQ independent record label outside the control of the corporate music industry. Blending old-school groove with razor-sharp modern production and smart aggression on the mic, “All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee is the rap fan’s best bet for kicking off summer 2016.

Gunz Desperado, MJ Hill and Three Dee cite as main artistic influences for “All Good Now” James Brown, Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Prince, Roger Troutman, and Dr. Dre. As this top-quality list indicates, “All Good Now” is a single which comes from musicians who know what a solid rhythm and flowing rhyme can do for the soul.

Asked to describe the theme of “All Good Now,” the artists write simply that it “reflects on trying to be happy after all.”

An official video for “All Good Now” has also been released and is available for viewing online (link provided below).

DJ and producer Three Dee (aka Marcel Koops) was born and raised in the south Netherlands. The son of a talented musician and radio personality, Three Dee has been involved in music production since the age of 11. He is a graduate of the Netherlands Conservatorium where he studied classic piano and electric organ and obtained his degree. He has a background in many genres, including RnB, hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, pop, reggae and dancehall.

Three Dee toured Europe as Triple D for more than two decades before relocating to the United States, then co-founded the 3DMusiQ indie label upon his return to Europe in 2012. He has made remixes for the likes of Usher, P Diddy, Samantha Mumba, Kevin Lyttle, Bushido, Eko Fresh, Dr Alban, and TQ, as well as having worked with Public Announcement, Wayne Wonder, Leftside, Million Stylez, Kay One, and Elisha La’Verne.

“All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee is available online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee –

“All Good Now” Official Video –

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