Vietnamese music artist Lan Minh releases new album ‘That Tinh’ (‘Lovesick’)

The electronica music artist known as Lan Minh has released his latest full-length record, “That Tinh” (“Lovesick”). The record contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to this evocative, modern Vietnamese music group. It has been proudly published on the XL Media independent record label outside the control of the corporate music industry. Colorful, heartfelt, packed with power and emotional force, “That Tinh” by Lan Minh is the most recent example of the ability of music to express human feeling across all boundaries.

Fans of electronica and EDM will find much to appreciate in “That Tinh” by Lan Minh, regardless whether they speak Vietnamese fluently or not. The title gives a good clue as to the general theme of the record. Several of the song titles also have romantic motifs, such as “Next-Door Lady,” “Vulnerable Man,” “Maybe Just a Dream,” “Men Also Cry,” “He Wants to Hide,” and “Sometimes Men Hurt, Too.”

This is not to say that the record is slow or melodramatic, however. Much of “That Tinh” is pulsing with bass, exploding with digital beats and roaring with strong vocals. The vocals are one of Lan Minh’s best attributes, in fact. Every track on “That Tinh,” whether it be mellow and melancholy or pumping and upbeat, is graced with some of the best singing available from independent music producers today in any genre.

What this means is that fans of many different music categories can find something to love about “That Tinh.” It is great dance music and has enough variety to work on its own as a nightclub playlist at venues where couples dancing is found. DJs for all sorts of venues and events featuring EDM, electronica, or ballad music will easily find a track or three on this record which will benefit their favorite play list. Many of the songs are excellent for wedding receptions.

All in all, “That Tinh” is a great record, an eye-opener for those who may love electronic music but haven’t experienced contemporary Vietnamese music in a long time or at all.

“That Tinh” by Lan Minh is available at over 700 online music stores beginning 22 May 2016.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“That Tinh” by Lan Minh –

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