Music artist Clazzik BizMoff releases new single ‘Melodic Clouds’

The music producer from Atlantic City, NJ known as Clazzik BizMoff has released his latest official single, “Melodic Clouds.” The track has been proudly published on the New Way Music Group independent record label entirely without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Dreamy and evocative, colorful and inventive, “Melodic Clouds” is evidence that Clazzik BizMoff is a name to watch out for in 2016.

Born and raised on the East Coast of the US, Clazzik BizMoff cites as main artistic influences Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, the Neptunes, Odd Future, Toro Y Moi, Flying Lotus, J. Dilla, and a Tribe Called Quest. BizMoff’s own “Melodic Clouds” clearly derives its emphasis on solid back beats from his excellent taste in hip hop, but the track itself is instrumental. Fans of trip hop will be enthusiastic at its ambient overtones and spacey, floaty groove.

“Melodic Clouds” from Clazzik BizMoff is a track the listener can mellow to in virtually any circumstance. It’s uplifting, positive, groovy, and doesn’t bother the listener with unnecessary frills. It’s an exercise in feel-good. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for fans of the artist, though, as it’s one of his chief aims in making music.

“I think that it shares authenticity and a unique vibe for creativity,” writes the artist of his new single. “I’m also hoping that it’ll help listeners who’re having a hard day, get through.”

Clazzik BizMoff is Nathan Tyron Gray, Jr. of New Jersey. BizMoff’s current official bio describes him as a record producer and occasional rapper. He has been playing piano since the age of 17 and has been avidly writing and recording original music since the age of 20. His independent record label, New Way Music Group, opened its doors in 2014 and is stronger than ever with the release of “Melodic Clouds.”

“Melodic Clouds” by Clazzik BizMoff from New Way Music Group is available online at over 700 music retailers worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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