Rapper Grave Leathers releases new single ‘Neverseethem’

The artist of trap music known as Grave Leathers has released his new single, “Neverseethem.” The track has been published on the Gene Boi Production, LLC independent record label, entirely outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Ambient, bass-driven, conceptual and visceral all at the same time, “Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers is easily one of the most intriguing trap singles of 2016 so far.

Grave Leathers hails from the East Coast tradition (Portsmouth, VA to be exact) but his music is not traditional even by modern trap standards. A fine example of his characteristic style, “Neverseethem” comes close to the boundary of electronica and trip-hop music while remaining deeply rooted in the rap category.

Grave’s stage name hints at the foreboding feel of his music, which is unnerving in its overt sensory appeal. Much of his highly textured sound comes from carefully sculpted background beats, melodies and effects. But it is the aggressive, yet intelligent urban poetry from Leather, himself, which retains the spotlight.

That details regarding the artist are difficult to come by adds to his shadowy mystique, intentional or not. He is most active at his official SoundCloud page, where fans can currently hear many of his original tracks. An official Instagram account also exists, but information about him at both sites is scarce. Perhaps most interesting to new Grave Leathers fans will be his official YouTube channel [links provided below].

Even seen online, a live performance from Grave Leathers is an experience to say the least, as evidenced by a bootleg video shot in June of 2015. The video gives listeners a window onto a full Grave Leathers set. Even viewed and heard through what seems to be a cell phone, the video proves Grave to be a natural front man, a flawless rapper with each line and rhyme at his instant disposal. His mix-master gives bulletproof support, chucking a barrage of mind-altering audio at the crowd.

“Neverseethem” from Grave Leathers brings all of this together with razor-sharp studio production in his most widely distributed single to date. Fans of trap and trip-hop should definitely give the track a well-deserved listen.

“Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers is available online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


“Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers –

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