Music artist Deniz Durna releases dance single ‘Paralel Universe’

The songwriter and producer known internationally as Deniz Durna has released his debut dance single, “Paralel Universe.” The track is the first broadly distributed single from Durna to date and is available from more than 700 sources around the world. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the influence or support of the corporate music industry. Both tribal and futuristic with booming back beats and an entrancing melody line, “Paralel Universe” belongs in every DJs play list.

Deniz Durna cites as main artistic influences popular DJs such as Shaun Frank, Don Diablo, the Noisy Freaks, and Pep & Rash. His own sound belongs in the same set as these while maintaining its own sonic character. This unique tone comes at least partially from Durna’s musical history, which is much based in the world of non-digital music.

“I started taking piano lessons when I was six years old in Istanbul,” Durna writes. “And then I started to play guitar and then electric guitar. I played, composed and performed in a lot of metal / rock bands.”

This musical direction took a turn when the artist visited the Spanish island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean, notorious hot spot for digital dance music, and became “fascinated by the music being played there.”

While “Paralel Universe” is Durna’s first official release as an EDM producer, there are certain to be more. The artist is rumored to have more than 10 original dance tracks ready for release, and has said he expects to finish 15 more before long.

Asked to describe the themes of his new “Paralel Universe” single, Durna writes, “I do my best to make people feel my music and they both dance and travel into a paralel universe with my music.”

Deniz Durna has performed in many locales around the world, including Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, Ukrainian cities such as Odessa and Kiev, and Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Paralel Universe” by Deniz Durna is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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