Lea Almazan and Tracy G. Grijalva release new rock LP ‘White Horse Rider’

The rock duo from Southern California known as Lea Almazan and Tracy G. Grijalva have released their highly awaited new LP, “White Horse Rider.” The record contains 13 tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Lea Almazan Music and Spooky G Records independent music labels without the support of the corporate music industry. Blending the raw aggression of rock music with inspirational messages and a relentlessly driving groove, “White Horse Rider” is one of the most intriguing Christian rock albums of the season so far.

Asked to cite some artistic influences, Lea Almazan writes, “My artistic influences have ranged from classical to rock over the years. I have always taken a liking to artists who were never afraid to speak their minds in their music.”

“White Horse Rider” is singer-songwriter Almazan’s third release, coming on the coattails of 2014’s “Liberata” and 2013’s “Revelation.” She is joined on “White Horse Rider” by the multi-talented Tracy G. Grijalva (of the Tracy G. Group), who serves as the record’s writer, composer, producer, lead guitarist and sound engineer. The LP also includes one track, “Wide Open for Fun,” by up-and-coming songwriter Zev Brooks.

The sound of “White Horse Rider” varies, built largely on a hard-rock/heavy metal foundation with grunge undertones and plenty of grit. Masterful guitar work and riveting, intuitive vocals form the backbone of the tracks, with expert songwriting guiding the record along. Fans of strong female leads in rock will be hooked by Almazan instantly, while listeners who miss the days of real guitar playing by real guitarists will recognize Grijalva’s skill in seconds flat.

While “White Horse Rider” is rock through and through, still it contains some softer fare, and even a few truly Latin moments which will appeal to fans with a taste for culture fusion. But the album’s real heart and soul lie in its morality.

“My inspiration for ‘White Horse Rider’ is Jesus Christ,” writes Almazan. “This world we live in today seems to be spiraling out of control. There is no longer accountability for morals and belief in anything that is good. Everything that we were founded on is being destroyed by political correctives and a lust to destroy everything that is good.”

She goes on to relate that the Christian message of “White Horse Rider” is one of forgiveness, but also of righteous fury.

“I serve a God who is faithful and true and does not destroy,” she says, “but loves this world so much that He gave His only begotten son to die for each one of us, so we would no longer be under the wrath of God. My God loves everyone, but like a good father who waits for his kids to come to their senses. Some people don’t have a soul for a sense to pierce deep and they destroy every good thing.”

This, writes Almazan, is where the rider on the pale horse comes in.

“My God promised a hope, welfare and future for every human being. But because of their corrupt thinking and selfishness, one day my Savior Jesus Christ is going to come with a vengeance and take out all who oppressed with their riches and took from the poor. So [our album] is a warning. Jesus is coming back. He is the White Horse Rider.”

Asked whether she had anything to say to her fans, Almazan is enthusiastic.

“Never give up on who God created you to be. Never let the circumstance dictate to you who you are called to be in the future. There are so many people that are hurting out there and I’m here to share with you call out to Jesus and watch change start.

“God never hated anyone … He loves each and every one of us. And there is nothing you can ever do for Him to take His love from you. You just need to stop running from Him and let Him heal, and destroy the negative impact that the world has preached and in bedded in you … There is no sin so big that God will not forgive. Stop letting the negative forces of talk distract you from the call and purpose in your life. Jesus is the only way to do it.”

“White Horse Rider” by Lea Almazan and Tracy G. Grijalva is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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