Atelier-M releases ‘Still and Quiet’ LP album

Instrumental composer Atelier-M has released his third collection of original songs, “Still and Quiet.” The LP has been published independent of the influence of the corporate music industry. Containing fully 15 songs from Atelier-M never before heard, the colossal album brings fans new and old approximately 75 minutes of relaxing, ambient music, nearly twice the length of a traditional full-length album. This makes “Still and Quiet” the most comprehensive selection of Atelier-M music ever before published.

“Still and Quiet” is akin to Atelier-M’s debut LP record, “Season,” with which the artist used his unique talent for crafting piano to describe the tones and colors of the changing seasons throughout the year. With his more ambitious “Still and Quiet” LP, which brings nearly half an hour’s worth more music, Atelier-M paints sonic landscapes, scenes of nature and of peaceful life from a wide variety of perspectives.

The record has perhaps more thematic variety than either of his previous records, too, regardless of its additional length. This may be sensed from the titles of his songs, which bespeak the same gorgeous, effortless subtlety as Atelier-M’s music, itself.

“Leaf,” “Winter Rain” and “Bamboo and Water” have a gentle, bucolic atmosphere that is a favorite inspiration of the artist. “Dreamy Encounter,” “Bossa Aoyama” and “Choc” are fine examples of the artist’s adult-contemporary compositions. “Night Bridge,” “Sea in the Dark,” and “Holy Season” are especially narrative, evoking feelings of calm and attunement with the world.

Overall, Atelier-M’s newest record communicates harmony and solace, halcyon, worry-free moments frozen in time, all of which is intimated through his music. “Still and Quiet” is perfectly titled, therefore, being a description of the pure stillness found in nature and in the hush of night. It is a highly thought-provoking, introspective work of musical art, and it can be enjoyed by fans of any music genre.

“Still and Quiet” by Atelier-M is available online worldwide beginning 27 November 2015. Don’t be left out in the cold.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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Millie releases new dance single ‘What Do You See’

The singer, songwriter and music producer known as Millie has released her debut single as a solo performer, “What Do You See.” The track has been proudly published on the Taffe Music independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. It has been released concurrently with an official music video, available for viewing at the official Taffe Music website (link provided below) and comes in Radio Mix and Club Mix editions.

Pulsing, thumping, bumping with synth bass and bringing the house music tradition into 2016 with class and style, “What Do You See” is a sure sign that Millie is a name for DJs and music fans to watch in coming months.

The UK-based Millie cites as main artistic influences such iconic singers and songwriters as Maxwell, Diana Ross, Jennifer Holliday, Etta James, and Billie Holiday. Her own sound retains the clarity and precision of these artists while adding also the back beats and modern instrumentation that have made electronic dance music the most influential sound of the new millennium.

Speaking of the themes of her new “What Do You See” single, Millie writes, “I love to people watch and when they watch back, I always wonder what do they see? Do they see the same thing I see? So I decided to sing about it from my perspective.”

Millie describes her songwriting process as intuitive, rather than academic.

“I feel music,” she writes. “I have never learnt to play an instrument. I just go with the feel of the notes and if it feels good, then I create the sound and the words and the melody finds me.”

While Millie’s “What Do You See” represents the artist’s solo debut, it is preceded by her British “lover’s rock” girl group, Simplicity, with whom she performed several original hits. She followed up on this success with an all-female American band, Flirtations.

“My driving ambition is to create music that connects deeply,” writes Millie, “to create sounds and melodies that are a bit strange or unique (is the word I love) which ultimately nourishes the starving soul.” She goes on to elucidate on her passion for newness in song: “I have a cavernous love of creating unconventional sounds and melodies, because for me music is powerful and healing. I believe I am a spiritual being who uses this medium to connect with others on an otherworldly plane.”

Millie’s music is even more than this connection, however.

She writes of her music goals, “I want my music to touch the world, and the hearts and minds of everyone who hears my songs, because no matter how different we are, we are all the same where music is concerned. Even though the beats may differ, music is a universal language that needs expressions of love, loss, anger, hope, etc. This is how we purge ourselves of these and other emotions, and that is what connects us.”

“What Do You See” by Millie is available 4 December 2015 from Taffe Music.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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Digital musician Atelier-M releases new album ‘Techno Plus’

The composer and songwriter of digital music known as Atelier-M has released his latest LP record, “Techno Plus.” The full-length album contains 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of just over an hour, making for a round and comprehensive showcase of material from this fresh and intriguing digital music producer from Japan. Like Atelier-M’s other official releases, “Techno Plus” has been proudly published independent of support from the corporate music industry. Textured, kaleidoscopic, and boasting some of the most elegant melody lines ever to grace electronic music, “Techno Plus” from Atelier-M is a surprise treat for fans of great music everywhere at the close of 2015.

Audiophiles have much to enjoy in “Techno Plus.” The record has laid-back moments and upbeat moments, smooth, soothing tracks and tracks which absolutely must be danced to. It recalls at times the great digital DJs of the 1990s who pioneered the art of techno music, artists like the Orb, Saint Etienne, and the Future Sound of London. Like these respected musicians, “Techno Plus” has an altogether European sound which will endear it to longtime fans of the electronica genre.

Yet Atelier-M makes music with a modern edge that is all his own. Himself being an autodidact, Atelier-M’s music has an effortless flow that feels natural and intuitive from one song to the next. This is all the more enjoyable because he likes to evoke a range of emotions in his music, likes to vary his tempos and likes to write unpredictable movements which nonetheless strike the listener as exactly appropriate while at the same time remaining innovative.

An altogether warm and uplifting LP, “Techno Plus” is extremely well suited for play by professional DJs at nightclubs or house parties, and equally good listening for music fans in cars or in headphones alike.

Atelier-M is a solo music artist who specializes in composing instrumental works in his studio. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, he has spent his recent years focusing on the art of composition and studio recording. Atelier-M’s “Techno Plus” is preceded by his recent worldwide debut full-length album, “Season,” a work of contemporary classical piano, released 13 November. A third Atelier-M record, “Still and Quiet” is also expected to hit online music shelves later this week. Each record has a character and life all its own, and all are marvelous representations of the creativity and good taste this musician exhibits in every song he has publicly released thus far.

“Techno Plus” by Atelier-M is available online worldwide beginning 26 November – Thanksgiving Day in the United States. “Techno Plus” and Atelier-M are reasons for which the entire music listening world can be thankful.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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