UK electro-pop artist Vaughty releases new single ‘Once Is Not Enough’

Popular electro-pop musician Vaughty has released his newest single, “Once Is Not Enough.” Like the rest of Vaughty’s catalogue, the single has been published on the Aggro Monkey Records indie music label. A high-energy run through a digital field of pulsing beats and airborne melodies, “Once Is Not Enough” proves yet again that Vaughty is among the world’s best composers of digital dance music.

Fans of Vaughty expect things from his new releases. This is because he has been consistently dependable in several respects: 1.) Vaughty singles have hooks which stay with the listener permanently – not for hours, days or weeks, but permanently. 2.) Vaughty music has a character which persists throughout his repertoire and develops from song to song. 3.) Vaughty music transports dancers and listeners, taking them to emotionally palpable realms he has either described or outright created.

“Once Is Not Enough” contains all of the above and is a fine example of what digital music lovers can expect from the artist. Coming out of the gates like a phantom of the early ’90s digital underground, it quickly establishes the shadowy, urban overtones for which Vaughty has become known. Sexy and entrancing, flying headlong into the night, “Once Is Not Enough” is quite literally what it says.

England’s Vaughty has a small, dedicated base of fans who have been following him since his first single, “Warm Inside,” appeared on digital shelves around the world in 2013. In the two-and-a-half years since then, this loyal cadre of listeners have haunted his official SoundCloud page like barflys at a pub, playing his showcased music over and over again.

Today there are no more than nine Vaughty singles available for listening there, four of which have been posted within the last eight weeks. Yet these songs have been played circa 10,500 times on SoundCloud alone.

That Vaughty has nearly doubled his online repertoire in the last two months is perceived as a sign of something large on the horizon. Indeed, the artist himself told fans on his official Facebook page in July that a full-length Vaughty LP was in the works and might be available as early as winter, 2015.

In any case, “Once Is Not Enough” is a treat for fans in itself, especially coming as it does with his “Static Dissection Mix” and a B-side, “It’s Time (Von Mixer Remix),” for a total listening time of about 20 minutes. This makes “Once…” more of an EP release than a simple one-off, and it’s enough to get Vaughty fans plenty excited for more.

“Once Is Not Enough” by Vaughty is available online at over 600 stores worldwide. Get in early, fans of electro-pop and dance music everywhere. Get in very, very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Once Is Not Enough” by Vaughty –

Vaughty at SoundCloud –

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