Singer-songwriter Stephen Edington releases new single ‘Stay’

Musician Stephen Edington has returned to the indie music stage with a new official single, “Stay.” Like his other material, “Stay” has been published as an independent music release without the influence or support of the corporate music industry. A return to songwriting at its purest and most evocative, “Stay” is a heartfelt, sparkling example of what love and longing sound like when sung by a top-shelf performer such as Stephen Edington.

Edington cites as main artistic influences David Gray, Elliott Smith, and Ray LaMontagne. The crossroads where these musicians meet stylistically is easy to imagine, but Edington’s own sound isn’t quite that. As unassuming as Gray, Smith and LaMontagne are, “Stay” by Stephen Edington sounds less pretentious, more genuine. His vocals strike the ear more clearly than those of the above, too, crystalline in tone and clarion in delivery.

That the tenor of Edington’s singing matches his lyrical themes in “Stay” is a natural result of honest artistry. The song doesn’t have a message so much as it is a message.

Edington writes, “My wife and I lost everything financially with the burst in 2009. We both worked and I went back to school. Through these past years working nights we have both gone to bed alone many, many times. This song is about missing the person you love.”

Stephen Edington’s songwriting is perhaps the most striking quality of “Stay,” as well as of the artist’s other material, such as his 2012 Christmas anthem, “The Newborn King.” He writes in the true spirit of the great folk musicians, but with an undercurrent of power which draws from the rock genre. His lines are direct without sounding aggressive, masculine without sounding macho, beautiful without sounding embellished.

The result is music which appeals to fans of a great many categories, particularly folk, alt- rock, classic rock, and contemporary singer-songwriter music.

“Stay” by Stephen Edington is available at over 700 digital music stores worldwide. Fans of excellent songwriting and impeccable performances should hear. Be sure not to miss Edington’s “The Newborn King,” too, also available everywhere great music is found online.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Stay” by Stephen Edington –


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