Psychedelic rocker High Pines releases single ‘You’re The Only One Who Understand’

The psychedelic rock artist from Brooklyn known as High Pines has released his latest official single, “You’re the Only One Who Understand.” The track is the first single to be released from his second full-length album. Like his other music, it has been proudly published on the Mind Pattern independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Hazy, ethereal, rebounding with beats and resounding with ghostly guitar work, “You’re the Only One Who Understand” from High Pines is one of the most intriguing singles to appear at the close of summer 2015.

Asked to name some favorite music acts, High Pines cites as influences Radiohead, Can, the Jesus And Mary Chain, Steve Reich, MGMT, the Verve, and Stone Roses. Imagining the confluence of these groups approaches a tone, an overall sound that is High Pines’ own, but “You’re the Only One Who Understand” is a track that must be experienced to be understood.

And it is an experience, rather than a music piece to which one merely listens. High Pines’ music is full and ambient, enveloping the listener with foggy sonic textures and cool-blue moods. Music fans preferring songs which reach out from many directions at once, rather than seeming very predictable and linear, will appreciate this highly creative cross between shoegaze and psychedelic rock.

High Pines is originally from Santo Domingo, one of the Caribbean’s oldest surviving cities. Living in New York City’s Brooklyn borough since 2007, he published his debut EP album, “We Are Humans,” in 2011 on his own Mind Patterns label.

Talking of his upcoming second record, on which “You’re the Only One Who Understand” appears, High Pines writes that he “found inspiration in musical patterns like repetition, unconventional tuning and time signatures.” He has also stated that the record is highly influenced by minimal artists such as Steve Reich and Brian Eno, as well as others not-so minimalist, such as Can, the Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.

UK music blog the Sound of Confusion calls music by High Pines “A misty psych sound that has its roots in the European experimenters of the ’70s as much as American flower-power.”

“You’re the Only One Who Understand” by High Pines is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“You’re the Only One Who Understand” by High Pines –
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