Jermaine Dolly releases modern gospel single ‘You’

The remarkable voice of modern gospel known as Jermaine Dolly has released his landmark new single simply titled, “You.” The track has been published on the By Any Means Necessary Music independent record label. It has been celebrated nationwide as a unique and highly stylized sound that is a refreshingly new addition to the gospel repertoire around the world. Blending elements of soul, R ‘n’ B, pop and gospel music with creative innovations all its own, “You” is a contemporary Christian single that has already put Jermaine Dolly on the map once and for all.

Jermaine Dolly (sometimes called “Mr. Hello Dolly”) cites as main artistic influences Donny Hathaway, Tye Tribbett, Timberland, and Daryl Coley. These do not lend themselves to an approximation of Dolly’s own sound and style on “You,” however, which must be heard to be imagined.

Dolly’s composition of the song allows for a great deal of space between beats, notes and instrumentation, making his vocal performance the star of the show for the largest part of the track. His singing is a characteristic falsetto that is reminiscent of Prince without sounding the least bit derivative. His vocals are arresting and undeniably fun, and his delivery of these verses is easily as striking. Once Dolly has conquered the listener and purely demonstrated what he is all about, his band comes in to fill the aforementioned space, and these top-shelf instrumentalists do so with class, with groove, and with a metric ton of soul.

No description of the Jermaine Dolly experience can be without a mention of the singer’s faith, however, around which the entirety of his music revolves. Having gotten his start in music as a backup vocalist for gospel star Tye Tribbett, Dolly is likewise an outspoken Christian performer, with God being the “You” to which his single refers.

Asked to describe the theme of his new song, Dolly writes that it is “Putting God first and drawing listeners to Jesus Christ.”

Even when taking credit for writing his own music, Dolly notes that while his songs are originals penned by himself, they remain nonetheless “inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

Jermaine Dolly has performed all over the world with Tye Tribbett, including a performance for the BET’S Celebration of Gospel, and appears on Tribbett’s Grammy-Award-winning album, “Greater Than.” Performing now as a solo act, Dolly continues to sell out venues all over the United States. Working now with Tribbett’s “Same God” producer, Jeremy Wheatbread Boyd, some music critics have suggested that Dolly will become one of the most celebrated gospel artists of this generation.

“You” by Jermaine Dolly is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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