Cuban pop musicians Ronny & Blanko release new single ‘Oye’

The rising stars of Latin pop music known as Ronny & Blanko have released their latest official single, “Oye.” The track has been published as an independent release without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Rhythmic, pulsing, and full of the passion and heat of the genuine ritmo Latino, “Oye” from Ronny & Blanko is a modern dance-floor win that belongs in every DJ’s play list around the world.

Ronny Roque Roche and Marlon “Blanko” Carril are Cuban singers and songwriters who expatriated to Florida at a young age. There, they learned very quickly that their mutual love of music would take them to new heights.

“We started making music together when we were 16 years old,” they write. “We used to record in our bedrooms because we didn’t have a studio to record at. Now, thanks to consistency we have developed as a team and are focused on bringing our music to the world.”

Ronny & Blanko (also sometimes billed as RonnieBlanko or Ronny, Blanko) work days as barbers before going home and hitting the mic. Their rapidly growing repertoire, which features top-notch back beats and exceptional vocal work, is further enhanced by their expert producer, Christopher “Freedom Music” Sanchez.

Asked to comment on their musical goals, Ronny & Blanko write, “What is most important to us as musicians is taking our music to every ear around the world. We want to create music with high-positive energy that would impact everyone out there filled with those very same energies.”

Ronny & Blanko are perhaps most broadly recognized for hit singles such as, “Hey Nina” and “Mi Lindo Angelito.” One online music journalist described the duo as “destined for success,” going on to state that, “As individuals and a group they make sure to stay humble, positive and more than anything passionate to what they love – their music.”

Ronny & Blanko gave thanks to God for their current wave of popularity and new opportunities, as well as to their families and children for unending streams of motivation.

“We also want to send a special thanks to all our positive fans that follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,” they said. “You all have showed us so much love, and we thank you for that!”

“Oye” from Ronny & Blanko is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Oye” from Ronny & Blanko –
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