Reggae artist CraigyDread releases new single ‘Gone’

The singer and songwriter of reggae music known as CraigyDread (AKA Craigy Dread) has released his latest reggae single, “Gone.” The single has been proudly released on the Mind Music Production LLC independent record label without the influence or financial support of the corporate music industry. “Gone” is the most prominent official release from CraigyDread to date and represents an important milestone in the singer’s career.

“Gone” has already dropped at larger music stores online and falls into the categories of reggae and Caribbean music. Fans of either genre are likely to be enthusiastic about this island-born party anthem, as are fans of live dance music, dancehall music, and on some levels even R ‘n’ B music. Sporting some of the most heartfelt lyrics and one of the most passionate performances ever to be recorded from the reggae scene, “Gone” by CraigyDread stands as evidence that CraigyDread is a voice to watch for fans of reggae music everywhere.

CraigyDread’s “Gone” has romantic themes and describes a lover’s fall from grace in the eyes of her lost love. The singer recounts how the object of his affection has mistreated, misjudged and at last spurned him so that she is ultimately ‘gone’ out from his life. CraigyDread’s “Gone” single is particularly special in that it has blue notes riding on an upbeat and highly danceable rhythm and groove, making it one of a very few such unique reggae songs to be released in 2015 or ever before.

CraigyDread’s “Gone” has been distributed to over 750 online music retailers around the world in time for an official release date of 4 July 2015, the same date on which the United States of America celebrates their largest national holiday, Independence Day. Full of groove, modern studio effects and the characteristic singing style of CraigyDread himself, “Gone” is a contemporary reggae track with something for everyone.

“Gone” by CraigyDread is available online worldwide beginning 4 July 2015 from the Mind Music Production LLC label.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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