La Machine De Rêve release new single and video ‘Steam Train’

The trio of music artists known as La Machine De Rêve have released their latest single and official video, “Steam Train.” The track is a sultry, shadowy pop song with elements of downtempo, electronica and art rock which will appeal to fans of a great many music genres. It has been published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Elegant, beautiful, entrancing and gracefully dark, “Steam Train” is clear evidence that La Machine De Rêve has great things in store for audiophiles everywhere.

La Machine De Rêve (French for “The Dream Machine”) cite as main artistic influences Zero 7, The xx, Sia, and M83. Elements of all four are to be found in “Steam Train,” ensuring that fans of such groups are certain to be likewise enthusiastic about their sparkling new single. Similarly, listeners who enjoy music by Portishead, Goldfrapp and Massive Attack are sure to find what they’re looking for in music by La Machine De Rêve.

That the trio has penned and produced such a remarkably accessible and enthralling single isn’t surprising considering their pedigree. La Machine De Rêve are singer Donna De Lory, music guru and producer Anthony J. Resta, and filmmaker and guitarist Greg Ansin. A short recounting of their myriad accolades follows.

De Lory has performed and/or recorded with Carly Simon, Ray Parker, Jr., Kim Carnes, Santana, Martika, Laura Branigan, Belinda Carlisle, Selena, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Mylène Farmer, Alisha and Madonna. She sang as Madonna’s backing vocalist and dancer for every concert from the “Who’s That Girl” Tour in 1987 to the “Confessions Tour” in 2006. She last appeared onstage with the original Queen of Pop in 2007.

Drummer, guitarist and programmer Anthony J. Resta has earned twelve RIAA-certified gold and multi-platinum awards, and has been featured in many articles for his innovative recording techniques.

Resta has recorded, produced, mixed, remixed, co-written with or created soundscapes for clients including: Duran Duran (thirty songs including remixes – one platinum, one gold) Collective Soul (one platinum and two gold) Shawn Mullins (one platinum and one gold) Sir Elton John, Perry Ferrell, Megadeth, Sarah Mclaughlin/DMC, Blondie, and a great many others. Resta received his 12th RIAA Gold and Platinum certification for his programming and production work on the soundtracks of the wildly successful “Twilight” films.

Guitarist Greg Ansin is a noted filmmaker and animator. His films include “Infinite Santa 8000,” “Drive-In Horrorshow,” and a documentary on aging called “Growing Old.” The evocative imagery of the official “Steam Train” video makes it clear that Ansin’s film artistry is as much a part of La Machine De Rêve as is his dreamlike guitar work.

Asked to describe the underlying theme of their music, La Machine De Rêve write that their aim is, “to make music that uplifts the mind, body and soul by using the best of the past, present and future.”

“Steam Train” by La Machine De Rêve is available online worldwide beginning 19 June 2015. Fans of excellent music everywhere should definitely get in early. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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