Vig T releases debut electronica album ‘EarSoundMusic’

The Malaysian composer of digital music known as Vig T has released his long-awaited debut LP record, “EarSoundMusic.” The full-length album comprises 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour and 20 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to this remarkable talent from Kuala Lumpur. The independent record has been proudly published on the Vig T Records label. A startling array of EDM sounds from nearly every subgenre of the underground scene, “EarSoundMusic” is easily one of the most prominent digital music releases of 2015.

Vig T (also sometimes billed as Vigneswaran) cites as main musical influences a broad selection of legends, including masters of the old school such as Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Orbital and Ayla, but also some of the world’s great composers: Maestro Ilayaraja, Beethoven, and Mozart. Vig T also has roots in Eurodance as well, mentioning that he gleans inspiration from the likes of Dr. Alban and Snap!, as well as in rock music such as that of Santana, Nirvana, and even Metallica.

What this means for his listeners is that “EarSoundMusic” is an LP with miles of sonic diversity. While it is danceable from start to finish and absolutely excellent for DJs at clubs and parties, it can’t be wholly described with the letters ‘EDM’ because really it is so much more than simple beats and loops.

Vig T himself describes his new album as, “a compilation of mixed electronic genres to give listeners a variety of electronic dance music rather than a monotonous genre. House, trance, breakbeats, etc. You have it all in one album.”

Vig T has been composing and performing electronic dance music since 2010. Originally basing his work on the popular music platform, SoundCloud, he has been busily collaborating with some of the scene’s most talented and creative artists.

“EarSoundMusic” by Vig T becomes available online worldwide 18 June 2015. Get in early, electronic music fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“EarSoundMusic” by Vig T –

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