Drunken Monk releases new single ‘Look at Me Now’

The rapper and songwriter known as Drunken Monk has released his latest single, “Look at Me Now.” The track is the most prominent official single to be dropped from Drunken Monk since his “DMT Flows and Cadillac Doze” EP which appeared on digital shelves around the world in January of 2015. Both the “DMT Flows…” EP and his new “Look at Me Now” single have been proudly published on the New Age Lions Music LLC independent record label. True lines, thumping back beats, creative rhythms and an inimitable vocal delivery make “Look at Me Now” by Drunken Monk a loud example of why independent hip hop is overtaking the mainstream in waves.

Drunken Monk cites as main artistic influences Outcast, the 666 Mafia, Goodey Mob, Nas, Roots, and Miles Davis. While music by Monk is packed with many of the best qualities of these legendary performers, his overall sound is uniquely his own and cannot be called derivative of anyone at all. A cursory sampling of his work over the last ten years uncovers a broad variety of tones and types of hip hop, signaling to the music fan that no one song by Drunken Monk can hint at what he may come up with next.

Part of Monk’s unpredictable nature is his musical background, which differentiates him from the largest part of the hip-hop community.

“I studied jazz in college,” Drunken Monk writes, “and have been producing now for 10 years.”

Asked to reveal the theme and message of his new single, “Look at Me Now,” he is characteristically direct and to the point.

“There ain’t nobody to blame for most of our problems but ourselves,” writes Monk. “Look at yourself NOW and be real about what you see.”

Drunken Monk is the stage name of J. Gray, a producer, keyboardist and rapper originally from Louisiana. He often collaborates with artists from far-flung scenes such as Arkansas and London, and appears regularly in international magazines. He recently appeared on the popular Coast2Coast online radio program and Sallassie’s Two Racks rap contest where he opened as a show feature.

Prior to producing full-time, emcee Drunken Monk studied piano and jazz and has performed on instrumental showcases as well. His vision is to produce unique works of music that reflect the background and culture he is from and to blur the boundaries between the genres of jazz rap, trip hop, funk, and trap. Drunken Monk currently lives, performs and produces music in Oakland, CA.

“Look at Me Now” by Drunken Monk is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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