Rearview Minor release new EP ‘Three’

The rock band from Maryland known as Rearview Minor have released their latest EP record, “Three.” The album contains three original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 12 minutes. Like the band’s previous material, “Three” has been proudly published as an independent release outside the reach and influence of the corporate music industry. Harmonic and extremely well-written, “Three” by Rearview Mirror pulses with a power-pop groove and cuts with an alt-rock edge that fans of verve-charged rock music everywhere are sure to appreciate.

On Rearview Minor’s official Facebook page, they cite as main artistic influences only two bands, original indie legends, Ween, and alt-rock underdogs from the American East Coast, Extreme. With these Rearview Minor shares a number of similarities. The variety of tones, moods and textures on “Three” is remarkable – particularly considering that the EP achieves this range in only three tracks – a strength Ween has always had in spades. Rearview Minor’s ample capacity for aggression and tenderness in equal measures recalls some of the best moments of both bands, also.

At the heart of Rearview Minor is singer-songwriter Drew Chap. Asked to describe his project, he writes that it is “a project I’ve cultivated over the past year or so with help from a bunch of friends. The name ‘Rearview Minor’ was formed in much the same manner as some of the songs: through a combination of bonus time and the energy that comes from the euphoria of friends recently reunited, as much more appearance of substance and meaning is apparent than is actually there.”

Appearances aside, however, the EP is at least partially a result of these connections, and Chap is quick to acknowledge it.

“It’s not all smoke and mirrors,” he writes. “’Rearview Minor’ has prophetically come to symbolize the childhood nostalgia embodied by these songs, from old southern jig to pirate anthem to traditional Irish pub sing-along – looking back to the pre-adulthood days when everything seemed possible, and responsibility was as transparent as the bottom of the glass at the end of the night.”

“Three” by Rearview Minor is available online worldwide. Fans of alt-rock and the original indie-rock sound should absolutely get in early.

-S. McCauley

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The Vodka Tourists release album ‘Almost Abandoned’

The purveyors of rock music known as the Vodka Tourists have released their latest EP record, “Almost Abandoned.” The EP has been proudly published on the Pontmorlais Records independent music label. At seven tracks and nearly 30 minutes long, it represents a comprehensive introduction to this striking rock group from south London. Originally released in June of 2014, “Almost Abandoned” is a real, modern incarnation of the true rock spirit which persists in the best groups from one era to the next.

Vodka Tourist leader John Hill has cited as main artistic influences such titans of the sound as the Byrds, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and the Church. While elements of each are present in “Almost Abandoned,” it is perhaps a blend of the Byrds and the Church which most closely resembles the general mode and tone of Hill’s songwriting and delivery.

The Vodka Tourists’ minimalistic, (almost) low-fi approach to studio recording will endear this record to fans of power pop and alt-rock bands like Dramarama and the Replacements, while his unstoppably natural songwriting will inspire awe in anyone with an ear for the craft. Fans of verve-charged and versatile classic-rock groups such as the Kinks, the Animals and the Zombies will also appreciate Hill’s straightforward, kick-through-the-fence songwriting. A simple visit to the Vodka Tourists’ official Soundcloud site is likely to guarantee a new fan within moments (link provided below).

Asked to describe what “Almost Abandoned”’s overall theme might be, Hill writes, “[It’s] the message of the power of timeless, guitar-driven music that will take you back to a special time and place or transport you forward to a place that’s yet to be discovered.”

The Vodka Tourists’ current official bio reads:

“The Vodka Tourists is the brainchild of John Hill, who writes, records, performs and produces all the material from a studio in the depths of south London. The VT’s sound reflects The John’s strong Celtic roots, particularly in the imagery of the lyrics.Chiming guitars mixed with haunting lyrics and melodies that stir images of loss and melancholy are the classic hallmarks of the VT’s sound.”

“Almost Abandoned” by the Vodka Tourists is available online worldwide. Get in early, rock fans. Very early.

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Rob Erickson releases new LP ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’

The singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist known as Rob Erickson has released his new LP gospel record, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” The album is the sophomore release from Erickson, whose debut “Just Passin’ Thru” LP appeared on digital shelves worldwide in September of 2013. Featuring Erickson’s signature blend of jazz, rock, country, gospel music and much, much more, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” is an original Christian music LP unlike any other.

Erickson has cited as main artistic influences such legends of songwriting and groove as Monty Alexander, Oscar Peterson, the Beatles, Cream, Blood Sweat and Tears, Stevie Wonder, and Chicago. His own record has its deepest roots in the highly creative, devil-may-care genre of jazz music, however, though its sound is not overtly jazz. Like jazz, the style of his music takes on different shapes according to his desired emotional effect.

Perhaps surprisingly for what is largely billed as a gospel album, this effect is often comedic on “Whatchu Gonna Do?” This is a rich and rewarding blend, as it turns out, such as in “Rearranging the Deck Chairs,” which manages to be genuine and tongue-in-cheek at the same time as Erickson does some lighthearted soul-searching in the course of a patio task. Of course, many tracks such as “Lord of Life” and “Redeemed” treat their celestial topic more directly, as does the title track “Whatcha Gonna Do?” the crux of which is described very well by the art on the album’s cover.

Asked to describe the message his record has for listeners, Erickson writes that it carries a “Gospel message of salvation utilizing my background in jazz, pop, and gospel music.” He adds, “It also displays my sometimes-warped sense of humor.”

Rob Erickson is a retired law-enforcement officer with thirty years on the force. All of the tracks on his LP with the exception of two are Erickson originals. Every instrument on the record (except the saxophone) has been played by the artist, himself.

“Whatcha Gonna Do?” by Rob Erickson is available online retailers worldwide, as well as from his official website via Bandcamp (link provided below). His debut record, “Just Passin’ Thru,” is also still available with 10% of all profits from it going to the Houston Food Band to feed hungry families in Houston, TX.

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PKSP releases new single ‘Why Play Games’ feat. Yung Spade

The performer and producer of hip hop known as PKSP has released his latest official single, “Why Play Games” feat. Yung Spade. The track has been proudly published on the Platinum Protocol Records independent music label, entirely without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Bringing equal portions of deep groove, urban poetry and a smooth delivery which will appeal to fans of R ‘n’ B as well as hip hop, “Why Play Games” is a rap track that is sure to snare attention from music fans everywhere.

Rapper from New Jersey PKSP cites as main artistic influences such broadly varied and popular talents as Rakim, Guru, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Nicki Minaj, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Fabolous. Nevertheless, his “Why Play Games” single proves that his long experience at writing lines and rhymes has kept his sound and style both prominent and original.

“I write all my lyrics,” the rapper relates. “I been writing since I was 13 years old. I love to write and now I’m tackling songwriting for pop and R&B.”

While the theme of “Why Play Games” clearly has its basis in the romantic sphere, this is not PKSP’s whole modus operandi on his current album.

“The message of my album is inspiration and love of music,” he writes. “The listeners are my main focus for this album, to provide them with some decent music that they can listen to and receive a message on every track.”

PKSP was born in Newark and is sometimes also more-formally known as Double P. He was raised by his mother (whom he refers to as “inspirational”) with four brothers, all of whom were disc jockeys. On a trip to Hawaii at the age of 13, the artist was taught everything about how to DJ from making mixtapes to production, from marketing to promotion, by his older brother, DJ J Love.

His current official bio reads, “Taking what he learned in Hawaii, PKSP went home and applied the knowledge to start his own DJ service. Preparing to enter high school, PKSP knew that music would be his escape from the urban society, and he became more serious about becoming not only a DJ but also a lyricist.”

After 26 years of hard work, PKSP is the CEO of Platinum Protocol Records as well as an artist and producer. He fills the roles of DJ, sound engineer, and graphic designer. He has worked with what he has respectfully called “a host of talented artists over the years,” has released three mixtapes, and is preparing to drop his official debut album, “So Blessed So Talented” featuring the additional skills of several great producers. A compilation record, “No More Talking,” is also slated for release in the near future. The comp will feature several artists under the PPR music label umbrella.

“Why Play Games” by PKSP and featuring Yung Spade is available online worldwide.

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Slo V & Retro release new single ‘Use To’

The rappers and producers known internationally as Slo V & Retro have released their latest official single, “Use To.” The track has been proudly released on the HiGrade Records independent music label. A street-solid serving of hip hop which showcases the considerable talents of Slo V & Retro and also features the razor-sharp skills of Kingpeen, “Use To” is easily one of the most instantly addicting rap tracks of 2015 and a shoo-in for radio play around the world.

Miami-based Slo V & Retro cite as main artistic influences such titans of the scene as Busta Rhymes, Nas, Kanye West, Jay Z, Andre 3000 and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell. While many attributes of these inspirations persist in the original music of Slo V & Retro, the fact remains that their own sound stands out on its own.

As independent artists, the duo create their music from the ground up with no interference from music industry producers and polish their tracks to a high shine bearing their own seal of approval. Paring their tracks down to a pure, rock-hard core of rap, keyboard melodies and bass-filled back beats, music by Slo V & Retro sounds cleaner and more fundamental than many of the most popular and well-respected rap tracks to date.

That “Use To” has a feel and tone that sets Slo V & Retro apart from the same-ole, same-ole hip-hop producers of the modern music era is not surprising when one takes into consideration the stated aims of the artists, themselves.

“The message that our song shares with listeners is not to follow the crowd,” they write. “Be original.”

Official music videos are regularly made available by SV&R for public viewing on their official YouTube channel, not to mention even an original short film (link provided below).

“Use To” by Slo V & Retro and feat. Kingpeen is available online worldwide beginning 16 March 2015. Hip hop fans should absolutely get in early. Very early.

[The following is taken directly from the artists’ current official bio.]

Miami is on the map and next up is Slo V & Retro. Not only does this duo write, produce, arrange, and mix all of their own music, they also shoot their own music videos. In the last year they’ve progressed from local rappers to local celebrities on the independent music scene in Miami and now Slo V & Retro are looking to get their break and feel stardom past the city limits.

-S. McCauley

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M!Z releases new album ‘The Rezurrection EP’

The DJ and producer of hip hop and electronic dance music known as M!Z has released his latest extended-play record, “The Rezurrection EP.” The album contains six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It is proudly copyrighted 2015 FlashtheDJ Music, an independent venture for the modern music era. High-energy, packed with thumping beats, and seamlessly blending hip hop and EDM for a new sound to which few music fans will have been exposed, “The Rezurrection EP” from M!Z is a fresh take that will get dance floors jumping.

Asked to cite some artistic influences, the Montreal-based M!Z has no trouble coming up with sources.

“Alot of my influences are hip-hop related as that was mostly my background,” he writes. “I really love how Just Blaze and DJ Premier flip their samples. Timbaland is one of the best at the way he arranges his songs; I like how you don’t know what to expect from him. He’ll always come with some crazy sounds. The whole trap movement is exciting to me as well, because it mixes hip hop and EDM together in a way that I’m really feeling. I really like what Flosstradamus and Keys N Krates are doing.”

The trap sound is one which is easily discerned in M!Z’s “Rezurrection” record, but to call the EP a trap album is missing the point. “The Rez’ EP” uses equal portions of hip hop and EDM which play off one another in a way most trap artists aren’t interested in, artists who prefer favoring one genre over the other. At the same time, M!Z’s signature sound seems to come natural to him. No part of the EP strikes the listener as contrived to affect a certain feel.

Asked to describe the message and motivation behind his new album, M!Z writes, “Basically the music is to get people pumped up, whether in the club, in their cars or just in the gym. The goal was to create some heavy bass-pounding music that would make people feel hype.”

While M!Z started out as a DJ, he’s moved on to producing at full speed. All his songs were written and produced by himself.

“Except,” he notes, “for ‘Watch Out For the Gunz’ which features Young Money artist Cory Gunz, who wrote on that track as well.”

M!Z is one of the co-founders of FlashtheDJ Music and is proud to have his own outlet to release music the way he wants without compromise. With experience as a DJ and producer for over 15 years, M!Z has worked with many big studios, artists and DJ’s. He has performed in clubs and festivals all over North America.

A high-gloss (and highly entertaining) official music video for “Watch Out for the Gunz” has also been made available for public viewing at

“The Rezurrection EP” by M!Z is available online worldwide. Trap, hip-hop and EDM fans should get in early.

-S. McCauley

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EcoChaz releases new single ‘Green’

The performer and producer of hip hop known as EcoChaz has released his new single, “Green.” The track has been published on the Da Truth Inc. independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Bringing a combination of unstoppable back beats, heavy-hitting urban poetry, and melody hooks that prove the artist is at the top of his studio production game, “Green” by EcoChaz is one of the most striking indie hip-hop tracks of 2015 so far.

EcoChaz cites as main artistic influences only Mali Music and LeCrae, but his latest single, “Green,” also exhibits similarities to some material by Flame and Trip Lee. All of these popular musicians have deep roots in the gospel and Christian music scenes, not unlike EcoChaz himself, but his stage name and the title of his single are also very deliberate. One might call the artist an eco-Christian musician – gospel-green, if you will.

To this end he takes his principles one step further in terms of lyrical themes, one step further than perhaps any hip-hop artist to date. He is fighting a war for the greater good on two fronts. That “Green” has been released independently rather than in collaboration with a major music corporation is therefore particularly significant in EcoChaz’s case because his art is at least as much his mission as it is his music.

Asked to comment on the message of his new single, EcoChaz writes, “[My song says] that it’s cool to follow God and His will by getting your soul and world clean. While at the same time having fun with going green.”

EcoChaz doesn’t just proclaim his faith, however. He stands as a living example of it.

“My mother prayed for a singer when she was pregnant with me,” he writes. “I was born one.”

EcoChaz partly takes his name from an acronym meaning “Encouraging Cleaner Options” and partly from his middle name. He has described himself as an inspirational/Christian artist, and is a recent graduate of the Ex’treme Institute formed in 2011 by Nelly at Vatterott-Berkeley College in St. Louis.

“Born a singer,” he writes, “I always had a love for music. But once I became drastically serious about my search for the Higher Power, I began to write songs – more so raps than songs – but as a man who’s always kept a close eye on the industry trying to understand all the inner workings and reasoning for the things done. I vowed to be an artist of purpose who leaves an example to follow back to Christ, and who uses all the powerful influence of music and its culture to aid the will of God.”

“Green” by EcoChaz becomes available worldwide beginning 14 March 2015. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind ecological and spiritual hip-hop music event.

-S. McCauley

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