Slo V & Retro release new single ‘Use To’

The rappers and producers known internationally as Slo V & Retro have released their latest official single, “Use To.” The track has been proudly released on the HiGrade Records independent music label. A street-solid serving of hip hop which showcases the considerable talents of Slo V & Retro and also features the razor-sharp skills of Kingpeen, “Use To” is easily one of the most instantly addicting rap tracks of 2015 and a shoo-in for radio play around the world.

Miami-based Slo V & Retro cite as main artistic influences such titans of the scene as Busta Rhymes, Nas, Kanye West, Jay Z, Andre 3000 and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell. While many attributes of these inspirations persist in the original music of Slo V & Retro, the fact remains that their own sound stands out on its own.

As independent artists, the duo create their music from the ground up with no interference from music industry producers and polish their tracks to a high shine bearing their own seal of approval. Paring their tracks down to a pure, rock-hard core of rap, keyboard melodies and bass-filled back beats, music by Slo V & Retro sounds cleaner and more fundamental than many of the most popular and well-respected rap tracks to date.

That “Use To” has a feel and tone that sets Slo V & Retro apart from the same-ole, same-ole hip-hop producers of the modern music era is not surprising when one takes into consideration the stated aims of the artists, themselves.

“The message that our song shares with listeners is not to follow the crowd,” they write. “Be original.”

Official music videos are regularly made available by SV&R for public viewing on their official YouTube channel, not to mention even an original short film (link provided below).

“Use To” by Slo V & Retro and feat. Kingpeen is available online worldwide beginning 16 March 2015. Hip hop fans should absolutely get in early. Very early.

[The following is taken directly from the artists’ current official bio.]

Miami is on the map and next up is Slo V & Retro. Not only does this duo write, produce, arrange, and mix all of their own music, they also shoot their own music videos. In the last year they’ve progressed from local rappers to local celebrities on the independent music scene in Miami and now Slo V & Retro are looking to get their break and feel stardom past the city limits.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Use To” by Slo V & Retro and feat. Kingpeen –
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