David Crown releases single ‘Rehab’

The singer of hip-hop infused electronic dance music known as David Crown has released the second in his pair of newest singles, “Rehab.” It has been concurrently published by Crown in February 2015 alongside his “Girls” track, both of which are being proudly published as independent releases without the support of the corporate music infrastructure. An official video for “Girls” is expected to appear from Crown online in coming weeks. Packed with drum ‘n’ bass, cutting-edge EDM effects, and the arresting vocal performance of one of the dance scene’s most rapidly rising stars, “Rehab” is a track DJs around the world can begin to spin immediately.

David Crown’s characteristic knack for crossing hip hop with electronic dance music is perhaps showcased nowhere better than it is in “Rehab.” Vivifying, innervating, and sure to amp the vibes of party goers in virtually any situation, the track is the latest sign that the EDM juggernaut hasn’t slowed down one iota since its sudden leap to prominence in the mid- 2000s.

Unlike many EDM songwriters and performers, however, David Crown takes pride in crafting meaningful, sculpted lines and rhymes which have more in common with rap music than to the more-simplistic singing which often accompanies electronic dance music. In this, “Rehab” makes a fine example, as it is not a song about drugs and rehabilitation but rather a romantic ode to a woman who acts as a rehab of the heart for the singer of the song.

This emotional intensity is something Crown’s fans have come to love him for.

His official bio says of this, “With his appreciation for life, Crown believes that time is of the essence and lives each day like it’s his last, which manifests in the lyrics he delivers and his spur-of-the-moment lifestyle.”

Commenting on his lyrical content and humble nature, it continues:

“A true artist on the come-up, Crown is committed to bringing fans uplifting material with substance that is still cool enough to make you dance. While his star may be rising, he is still that guy hailing from the ‘City of Kings’ who went after his dreams and never gave up.”

“Rehab” by David Crown is available online worldwide. Be sure to watch also for his “Girls” single and upcoming video.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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