Country singer Rhea Francani releases debut single ‘Dizzy’

The performer of country music known as Rhea Francani has released her anxiously awaited debut single, “Dizzy.” The track is the first glimpse of her upcoming freshman EP release, “I Want You to Know,” which becomes available online everywhere 10 February 2015. Both have been proudly published on the Limestone Records, LLC independent music label. Relentlessly catchy, colorfully upbeat and undeniably fun, “Dizzy” is a track that country fans of every generation can get behind.

Rhea Francani originally hails from Buffalo, NY and comes from a broad musical experience.

“I have a great appreciation for a lot of genres of music and artists,” she says in her current official bio. “I’ve performed jazz and theater, and grew up listening to Motown soul.”

She mentions being drawn to the energy of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, an energy her new single has in spades. It was popular country music that finally snared her, though, with its narrative lyrics and storylines.

“I gravitated toward country music because the stories the songs conveyed stole my heart,” says Francani.

As main influences to her own sound, Francani cites pop-country stars like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum.

“Lady Antebellum is a really big inspiration that got me into country pop. All these artists reached me in different ways, and still motivate and encourage me every day. I want my music to relate to people. If one person is moved, I’ll feel accomplished.”

Rhea Francani’s “Dizzy” has also been concurrently released with an official music video, available for viewing online everywhere. Shot on-location in Nashville, it serves as a fine introduction to this surprise new country talent from Western New York. As it is in the single, itself, Francani’s exuberance is infectious, her joie de vivre palpable.

“I was utterly amazed the first night going into OmniSound Studios and meeting the musicians. I was very moved and excited at the same time, to be around so many talented people who shared the same love for music. They were doing the Nashville number charts as we were getting ready for scratch vocals and right before I sang the first note I started getting teary-eyed. The music I had in my head was coming to life – they helped my music come alive. They added their talents to my songs … It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

Rhea Francani is an honors graduate in Musical Theatre Performance from Wagner College, NYC and impending alumna of Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC with a Master’s Degree in Music and Music Education.

“I am so excited to share my music, my dreams, and my heart with you!” she writes. “Thank you so much for your support. Stay tuned!”

The “Dizzy” single and official music video by Rhea Francani are available online worldwide. Country fans should get in early. Be sure to watch also for her debut EP release in February, “I Want You to Know.”

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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