Pop/folk singer Kelsey Forsberg releases new EP ‘Lost’

The singer and songwriter of pop/folk music from Northern California known as Kelsey Forsberg has released her debut EP “Lost.” The album has been proudly published on the Radiant Soul Records independent music label without the involvement of corporate music entities. It comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. Warm, heartfelt, and written in the true spirit of the folk and country tradition, “Lost” is the latest example that the real voice of America is in the singing of her independent artists.

Kelsey Forsberg cites as main artistic influences Miranda Lambert, ZZ Ward, Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, and Banks. Her own songwriting style fits in well with that of the legendary performers on this list, but her singing is more down-to-earth, more genuine, and more accessible to listeners of various music genres than many of them. Her natural tone seems to reach through the music to shake the listener’s hand, leading one through the singing of her musical narratives as if down a country road.

This is appropriate, as her debut record revolves around the ins and outs, ups and downs of life – anyone’s life – everyone’s life.

“The ‘Lost’ EP shares the struggles that people go through every day,” writes the singer of this. “It has songs ranging from heartache to getting revenge on a former bully, to being lost in a big city where no one knows your name. The lyrics reveal a discovery of oneself that I hope listeners can relate to.”

While singing has been a lifelong love for Forsberg, it wasn’t until high school that she began taking it seriously.

She writes, “I have loved music and singing since I was a little girl but I really started getting involved in the music scene at age 15, when I began taking vocal lessons and entering into local singing competitions. I took these experiences and began writing my own music. It wasn’t until I started playing at open mic nights in Folsom, CA that I really started to expand my style of music and booking local gigs.”

Now the author and performer of a globally distributed EP album, Forsberg sees music as a part of herself more than ever before.

“Music has become a way of expression and happiness for me,” she writes.

“Lost” by Kelsey Forsberg and co-written and produced by Radiant Soul Records’ David Warren is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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