Rapper La ‘ Vega releases new album ‘Best of La ‘ Vega (2014)’

The rapper and songwriter known as La ‘ Vega has released her latest official album, “Best of La ‘ Vega (2014).” The album contains seven original La ‘ Vega songs for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to this rising star of the hip-hop underground for those not yet acquainted with her uniquely powerful style and sound. It has been released on the MVB Entertainment Music Group LLC independent record label. Prefaced by single releases earlier this season such as “Tipsy” and “Nappy,” her “Best of La ‘ Vega (2014)” album is sure to become the definitive La ‘ Vega record for fans old and new alike.

La ‘ Vega has listed as her main artistic inspirations Nicki Minaj, Nitti Scott, MC, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, all of whom hail from New York City. But the rapper’s own style is grittier and closer to the heart of hip hop than any of the above with the possible exception of Lil’ Kim, with whose urban poetry La ‘ Vega’s lines and rhymes share an East-Coast edge that’s sharper than that of Minaj, Scott, or even Brown.

Commenting on her new album, La ‘ Vega writes, “This is my second ‘Best of’ compilation mixtape. It’s a collection of my most popular songs from 2014, the most purchased, streamed, and blogged about songs that were released in 2014. Because it’s a compilation, this mixtape has a variety of songs and vibes to it.”

La ‘ Vega’s first such comp appeared in March of 2014, titled, “I’m Here.” That record was also published under the MVBEMG label and is still available online containing nine songs from her best material of 2013. Yet as popular and successful as that first album has proven, tracks from her new EP such as “They Ain’t Like Me,” “Pray for Me” and “Wake the Neighbors Up” are certain to grip a whole new wave of avid fans for this Dominican diva from the Bronx.

“Best of La ‘ Vega (2014)” is available for listening and download online worldwide.

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Lelectrolab releases new LP ‘World Disclosure’

The artist of electronica music known as Lelectrolab has released his latest and definitive full-length album, “World Exposure.” The record comprises no fewer than 13 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one full hour. It has been released on the Qualia Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Lush, full, and bursting with bass and imaginative melodies, “World Exposure” by Lelectrolab is not named for the artist’s global distribution, but for the universal effect his music is sure to have on music fans everywhere.

Lelectrolab cites as main artistic influences M83, Kavinsky, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk. His own instrumental sounds are danceable in the extreme, but also highly textured for an intriguing casual listen. Absolutely more than mere “EDM,” Lelectrolab’s “World Exposure” tilts more toward what might be termed the classical music of the future.

“Music is an emotion,” the artist writes of his inspirations. He states that his music aims to describe a “sci-fi universe located between the power of electro- and the sweetness of harmonics.”

His new LP album, “World Exposure” has elsewhere been called “an ingenious blend of electro- influence and feelings. The lightness and the brutality of his noise create a unique harmony.”

The official bio of Lelectrolab reveals it to be a musical project created by Harold Kinet, member of
Discoclashers. “His productions reflect well his state of mind,” the bio reads. His debut EP, “Discocraft,” was published in 2009 on the 03Records label out of Belgium, with whom he has published a series of other titles. More material from the artist appears on the Konectick Digital label of Lille, France. Lelectrolab’s “Tasty Sugar” single from the “Analogy” EP received widespread acclaim and is expected to ship on compilations in short time. Kinet has performed live at Vecteur, Rockrill, Verdur Rock, Belvédère, Lido of Spa, and the Vibration Festival.

Lelectrolab describes himself as a DJ, a producer and an ambitious man who needs to share music. His official bio states that his first goal is to enjoy the scene by entertaining the crowd.

“Music gives feelings and has to be breathtaking,” he writes.

“World Disclosure” by Lelectrolab is available online worldwide. Get in early.

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Ryveela releases new single ‘Ghetto Prayer’

The singer and songwriter of reggae music known as Ryveela has released his latest single track, “Ghetto Prayer.” The track has been released on the Reggae Fever Innovations independent record label with neither the participation nor support of the corporate music power structure. Loaded with soul, spirit, and the genuine tones of the roots reggae tradition, “Ghetto Prayer” by Ryveela is warm and healing music for all the people of the world.

Ryveela cites as main artistic influences such legends of the reggae sound as Sizzla, Capleton, Bob Marley and Luciano. Ryveela’s own sound and style are somewhere between all of these, having a cutting-edge feel and an old-school groove and vibe which runs throughout and makes it move. This dichotomy makes sense, too, coming as it does from a singer from Point Hill, St. Catherine just north of Spanish Town in Jamaica.

But sound is only part of his art. A large portion of “Ghetto Prayer,” like all music from Ryveela, is in the theme and message. His official bio reads, “Cognizant of the many talents already out there, Ryveela is making his mark by deliverance of his own style of conscious energies mixed with social commentaries. His main aim is to make listeners sit up and take notice. Ryveela wants to reach to as many people as possible.”

Fame is not the star’s main focus, either. Rather, he wants to effect positive change in the world around him.

“By challenging myself to find topics that are reality-based and singing them to my target audience, topics that aren’t cliché, people will find my music inspirational,” writes Ryveela of his music.

Ryveela released his debut song, “Care No More” while previously signed to a Jamaican label. He writes music to help and mend, raise and support humanity at large.

“I am a conscious reggae artiste,” he writes, “who only promotes Love and respect to my fans. My songs have messages of upliftment and words of wisdom promoting hope to get out of our everyday struggles.”

Inspired by the voices of dancehall and reggae who came before, Ryveela is ready to take up his place among those who bring happiness through music everywhere. He writes of this, “Marley served as a voice in his time; music is meant for healing and good vibes. That’s my mission, that’s what I’m about.”

“Ghetto Prayer” by Ryveela is available online worldwide. Reggae fans should get in early.

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French electronica master DJ Pad releases new album ‘Y’

The French composer of digital music known as DJ Pad has released his latest LP record album, titled, “Y.” The record contains no fewer than 14 original tracks from DJ Pad, for an approximate total listening time of one hour and 20 minutes, roughly twice as much music as a typical full-length record comprises. The popular DJ Pad, although well-known for publishing massive amounts of music at a time, has outdone himself with this latest record. It represents Pad’s having released more than 100 official tracks in the term of a single year.

For his “Y” LP, DJ Pad cites Angerfist, Stunned Guys, Endymion and (“more recently”) Miss K8 as main artistic influences.

“Y” is the fourth LP album from DJ Pad since his emergence in late 2012, since which time he has published November of 2012’s “Waiting to Be Discovered,” July of 2014’s “Dubstep: First Strike” and “A Trip in My House, Part I,” June of 2014’s “A Trip in My House, Part II,” and now his December 2014 release, “Y.”

Each of these fine records is in excess of an hour long and showcases the digital maestro in a different sonic character than does any of the others. Each official DJ Pad release has been proudly published on the 4000 Records independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Pounding, thrumming, and blazing with color and creativity, “Y” by Dj Pad is perhaps the most cutting-edge collection of new material from a digital artist in recent memory.

What will not come as a surprise to Pad fans is that “Y” is yet another new facet of Pad’s musical personality. “Y” is an LP made up of electronica tracks from the gabber subgenre, which is sometimes called “hardcore.”

“I’ve already released house and dubstep tracks,” writes DJ Pad, “but to finish this year (and to surpass the milestone of commercially releasing more than 100 tracks in a single year) I’ve decided to show another face of my musical personality – but not the last! I know that gabber is slowly rising from the underground but this is not why I’ve decided to release this compilation of my best tracks in this genre. It is just because I’m totally fond of this freaking epic style of music.”

“Y” by DJ Pad is available online worldwide. Congratulations go out from the world of electronica to DJ Pad! Writing and producing 100 songs in a single year is an achievement of titans.

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Tiki Black releases new single ‘Free Like Smoke’

The contemporary folk singer known as Tiki Black has released her latest single, “Free Like Smoke,” featuring Jo Bywater. The track is the most significant release from Black since her 2013 LP record, “Out of the Black.” Both releases have been published on the No Sugar Added independent music label. Sonorous, melodic and carrying on its shoulders a heartfelt narrative, “Free Like Smoke” is a poignant reminder why Tiki Black’s fan base continues to grow around the world.

Parisian-born Tiki Black cites as main artistic influences Bob Marley, Georges Brassens, Alanis Morrissette, Tori Amos, Eboa Lotin, Dolly Parton, Barbara, and Charles Aznavour. Her own sound on “Free Like Smoke” is grounded in the traditions of folk music, yet surpasses these with modern nuances all her own for a tone that is incomparable to the styles and timbres of her contemporaries both inside the genre of folk music and out.

Speaking of the theme of “Free Like Smoke,” Black writes, “The single speaks of someone who finds it hard to get their head out of the sand and, missing the silver line, also misses the opportunity for personal growth. That is to own one’s life and empower oneself to change it.”

The single comes from her acclaimed “Out of the Black” LP, which has garnered accolades from critics and listeners alike.

“’Out of the Black’ is about coming out of hiding, being released, using the analogy of a birth with [the negatives of] pain and fear turned positive through creation,” she explains.

Certainly, there can be no hiding for Tiki Black now that the public ear has turned her direction. Spiral Earth writes of her, “The voice is the instrument that draws us in, it can challenge or comfort us, awaken us or lull us, inspire or reassure. Tiki Black has a voice that can do all of this and more … Warm, embracing and timeless.”

Junior’s Cave lauds, “Tiki Black is the perfect poster child for what it means to be a genuine indie performer . Black’s music speaks to a generation that needs a voice that knows their pain, joy, achievements, failures, and struggles. She sings from the heart, and Black’s music pours out her soul to her listeners … This publication is in love with this artist’s music.”

Glasswerk calls her music “Songs that tug at the heartstrings without ever giving the impression they were written purely to do so.”

Speaking of her start in music, Tiki Black relates, “I started to sing and write songs early but I never really thought of it further than something that is natural to beings, like breathing. Expression was not just about exorcism or exhaling, it was about creating something new from what existed, a sort of poetically multi-dimensional recycling where the end art would present the original from one of its hidden, yet beautiful perspectives. Little did I realise how impossible it would be for me to just keep it as a side passion.”

“Free Like Smoke” by Tiki Black features award-winning Folk/Blues/Americana music artist Jo Bywater. “Jo’s music sensitivity and craft were perfect for this track and I am so grateful that she accepted to work on it with me” reveals Tiki. The single becomes available online worldwide 15 December 2015. Get in early, folk fans.

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Singer-songwriter Valentine releases single ‘Christmas Eve’

The singer and songwriter called Valentine has released the second of two new seasonal singles, “Christmas Eve.” The song has been released concurrently with his first single, “Snowflakes.” Like all material from Valentine, these singles have been proudly published entirely without financial or managerial support from the corporate music industry. Traditional yet unique, altogether catchy, friendly and familial, “Christmas Eve” by Valentine presents the sounds of the holidays in a way that truly deserves its name.

Valentine, whose music style cannot be expressed in terms of artistic influences or similarities, has called his sound “pop country jazz,” without special emphasis on any one of the genres. While his recent debut single, “Snowflakes,” sounds decidedly pop and country at once, “Christmas Eve” leans slightly more toward the country and traditional Christmas and country genres.

Both songs showcase Valentine’s unlikely skill for blending sonic traits into new amalgams never before heard. This talent is largely how jazz figures into his highly creative mode of music making, the results of which are pleasantly original and warmly inviting.

“I wrote ‘christmas eve’ in memory of the farm I grew up on a few miles from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River,” Valentine relates.

He writes his song titles in lowercase out of humility to “the big storyteller and designer.” He goes on to explain, “This is where the world’s first bluegrass festival took place. It’s called Watermelon Park and it’s right on the river. The story goes that Bill Monroe started the bluegrass genre

and then Flatt and Scruggs left Monroe’s band and popularized the genre, starting with the Watermelon Park Bluegrass Festival.”

In the same tradition, Valentine seeks to begin his country jazz category of music in earnest.

“Bob Marley popularized Jimmy Cliff’s new reggae genre around the time we were going to Watermelon Park, so my starting the ‘COUNTRY JAZZ’ genre is almost normal to me … I only hope that I am the one to popularize my genre, and not someone else. Hence, [I’ve written] a 40-song library with 30 pure country-jazz songs and 10 others that bleed into other genres like country rock, country radio and Americana ballads and homages to western two-step, rockabilly and bluegrass. They’re all intended to illustrate how the pure country jazz is indeed a new genre. Country jazz is the natural outgrowth of the time and place and music of my youth.”

Also very much of note are Valentine’s production principles, which throw out many contemporary habits and standards in favor of older methods which help him achieve his characteristic tone. This tone is natural and raw, without falling into what is popularly called “lo-fi” music. Joining the minority of true audiophiles, Valentine has returned to analog recording, and in addition has ditched digital reflexes such as gating and limiting the wavelengths of entire tracks.

Commenting on his studio process, Valentine writes, “The process of ‘limiting’ reduces musicality and dynamics, so I refrain from it. I also tune A to 432Hz to resonate healthfully in prime numbers like nature, as opposed to the exaggerated 440Hz originally implemented to give classical music more ‘pop.’”

Valentine’s current official bio describes him as “a philosopher philanthropist who has dedicated his life to solving the socioeconomic problems of our day. In his spare time he has written-produced-directed three motion pictures and recorded a library of 40 songs in Nashville, as well as a 50-song Broadway library.

“In order to attract attention to his vision for solving our problems, 10 of his songs are political and have accompanying music videos soon available on iTunes, YouTube and TheValentineAmendments.com, a site dedicated to Valentine’s amendments to the US Constitution with video explanations filmed in Nashville in front of the life-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon, birthplace of democracy.”

Additionally, Valentine’s site for commercial music may be found at ValentineSongs.com.

“Christmas Eve” by Valentine is available online worldwide. Be sure to also hear his debut pop-country-jazz single, “Snowflakes,” also available everywhere from the Web.

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Rapper Ace Lover releases new EP ‘Love Me’

The rapper, songwriter and music producer known as Ace Lover has released his latest EP record, “Love Me.” The EP is composed of an intro and three original tracks, each edited for play on public radio, for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. The EP is copyrighted 2014 Ace Lover Productions. Classy, cool and full of the endlessly fun styles of the old-school, “Love Me” by Ace Lover is a hip-hop record listeners young and old can agree on.

Ace Lover, who makes his signature brand of hip hop out of New York City, takes something from everything to get his characteristic sound. He cites his influences like a professional auctioneer at the podium.

“Hip hop, indie, psychadelic funk, doo-wop, reggae, ’80s, underground, progressive, experimental… It would be way too many to list here. Total music geek.”

Tonally, Ace Lover’s mode of rap music can be likened to few other artists. Vocally speaking, certain legends of the 1980s New-York scene such as Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane come to mind, yet Ace’s background loops and music are derived from the romantic ballads of the ’50s. The result is a unique, natural feel and groove that longtime fans of hip hop will enjoy as both a welcome innovation and a return to some of the most time-honored traditions in rap music.

Speaking of his roots in music making, Ace Lover writes, “As far back as I can remember, I always loved music. Just the way it made me feel. In fourth grade I played drums in the school band. I remember a childhood friend who passed away used to experiment with his mom’s old 45s and create these loops. He wrote my first flow for me.”

Asked to describe the message and theme of his new EP, Ace replies, “Being that it has that whole doo-wop, ’50s kind of vibe, I would say the message is ‘Love.’”

Ace Lover’s debut single was released in 2000. Originally discovered by independent executive-producer Phil Rust of Music Family, Ace released two LP vinyl records on the Music Family label which garnered a substantial amount of interest worldwide. After his contract ended at Music Family, Ace was quickly signed to Cajo Communications and continued to release music through Fat Beats Distribution. During his stint with Cajo Communications, he toured the USA and Canada, and was named one of URB Magazine’s “Next 100” artists to watch.

“Love Me” by Ace Lover is available online worldwide.

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