French electronica master DJ Pad releases new album ‘Y’

The French composer of digital music known as DJ Pad has released his latest LP record album, titled, “Y.” The record contains no fewer than 14 original tracks from DJ Pad, for an approximate total listening time of one hour and 20 minutes, roughly twice as much music as a typical full-length record comprises. The popular DJ Pad, although well-known for publishing massive amounts of music at a time, has outdone himself with this latest record. It represents Pad’s having released more than 100 official tracks in the term of a single year.

For his “Y” LP, DJ Pad cites Angerfist, Stunned Guys, Endymion and (“more recently”) Miss K8 as main artistic influences.

“Y” is the fourth LP album from DJ Pad since his emergence in late 2012, since which time he has published November of 2012’s “Waiting to Be Discovered,” July of 2014’s “Dubstep: First Strike” and “A Trip in My House, Part I,” June of 2014’s “A Trip in My House, Part II,” and now his December 2014 release, “Y.”

Each of these fine records is in excess of an hour long and showcases the digital maestro in a different sonic character than does any of the others. Each official DJ Pad release has been proudly published on the 4000 Records independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Pounding, thrumming, and blazing with color and creativity, “Y” by Dj Pad is perhaps the most cutting-edge collection of new material from a digital artist in recent memory.

What will not come as a surprise to Pad fans is that “Y” is yet another new facet of Pad’s musical personality. “Y” is an LP made up of electronica tracks from the gabber subgenre, which is sometimes called “hardcore.”

“I’ve already released house and dubstep tracks,” writes DJ Pad, “but to finish this year (and to surpass the milestone of commercially releasing more than 100 tracks in a single year) I’ve decided to show another face of my musical personality – but not the last! I know that gabber is slowly rising from the underground but this is not why I’ve decided to release this compilation of my best tracks in this genre. It is just because I’m totally fond of this freaking epic style of music.”

“Y” by DJ Pad is available online worldwide. Congratulations go out from the world of electronica to DJ Pad! Writing and producing 100 songs in a single year is an achievement of titans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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