Singer Valentine releases debut single ‘Snowflakes’

The singer and songwriter known as Valentine has released his debut single, a seasonal tune for the holidays titled “Snowflakes.” The track has been proudly published as an independent music release entirely without financial support from the corporate music infrastructure. A second track from Valentine, “Christmas Eve,” has also been released by the artist for the 2014/2015 season. Warm, playful, and lightheartedly poetic, “Snowflakes” by Valentine is easily one of the year’s most pleasant additions to the holiday repertoire.

A musical individualist to his core, Valentine cites no artistic influences but rather strives to coin his own sound. His signature style has been called “pop country jazz,” with each term carrying equal emphasis.

Elements of pop in “Snowflakes” make it immediately accessible and undeniably catchy, while fiddle and pedal steel guitar instrumentation lend familiar country overtones of the American tradition. Valentine’s precise, yet deceptively simple songwriting and knack for blending genres in innovative ways hint at his underpinnings in jazz, yet the whole package comes off in “Snowflakes” just as easy and natural as a snowflake falling from the sky.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Valentine’s “Snowflakes” single is the singer, himself, whose happy-go-lucky vocals and cheerful lyrics are plainly irresistible. As one such couplet from the song runs, “Snowflakes from the sky / kiss cheeks then say goodbye / no two are the same / but they all share one name.”

A short description of the song from Valentine’s official website [link provided below] comments, “Valentine sings the song in high A to depict a child full of energy having fun in a snow-covered winter wonderland … Driving tempos, walking bass lines and snare-driven drums create an energetic shuffle that’s very easy to move to.”

That the artist omits the use of a “kick” drum is also significant, a choice which keeps the song light and airy. A quintet of top Nashville sessions players provide riffs to accompany Valentine’s singing.

Common to Valentine’s other material, “Snowflakes” has been written and produced with an intellectual’s zeal for detail, and with professional engineering by Roland Alvarez. This track, as well as “Christmas Eve” and other songs, have been recorded using analog technology rather than contemporary digital plug-in software, resulting in a far warmer, much more friendly texture and tone. Perhaps most interestingly, too, is this fact taken also from his official website:

“Valentine’s songs all tune A to 432Hz to resonate healthfully in prime numbers like nature, as opposed to the exaggerated 440Hz originally implemented to give classical music more ‘pop.’ The result is rhythmic, musical fun that’s very pleasing to the ear.”

Valentine’s current official bio describes him as “a philosopher philanthropist who has dedicated his life to solving the socioeconomic problems of our day. In his spare time he has written-produced-directed three motion pictures and recorded a library of 40 songs in Nashville, as well as a 50-song Broadway library.

“In order to attract attention to his vision for solving our problems, 10 of his songs are political and have accompanying music videos soon available on iTunes, YouTube and, a site dedicated to Valentine’s amendments to the US Constitution with video explanations filmed in Nashville in front of the life-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon, birthplace of democracy.”

Additionally, Valentine’s site for commercial music may be found at

“Snowflakes” by Valentine is available online worldwide. Watch also for its corresponding single, “Christmas Eve,” also available for listening and purchase online.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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