Rapper Ace Lover releases new EP ‘Love Me’

The rapper, songwriter and music producer known as Ace Lover has released his latest EP record, “Love Me.” The EP is composed of an intro and three original tracks, each edited for play on public radio, for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. The EP is copyrighted 2014 Ace Lover Productions. Classy, cool and full of the endlessly fun styles of the old-school, “Love Me” by Ace Lover is a hip-hop record listeners young and old can agree on.

Ace Lover, who makes his signature brand of hip hop out of New York City, takes something from everything to get his characteristic sound. He cites his influences like a professional auctioneer at the podium.

“Hip hop, indie, psychadelic funk, doo-wop, reggae, ’80s, underground, progressive, experimental… It would be way too many to list here. Total music geek.”

Tonally, Ace Lover’s mode of rap music can be likened to few other artists. Vocally speaking, certain legends of the 1980s New-York scene such as Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane come to mind, yet Ace’s background loops and music are derived from the romantic ballads of the ’50s. The result is a unique, natural feel and groove that longtime fans of hip hop will enjoy as both a welcome innovation and a return to some of the most time-honored traditions in rap music.

Speaking of his roots in music making, Ace Lover writes, “As far back as I can remember, I always loved music. Just the way it made me feel. In fourth grade I played drums in the school band. I remember a childhood friend who passed away used to experiment with his mom’s old 45s and create these loops. He wrote my first flow for me.”

Asked to describe the message and theme of his new EP, Ace replies, “Being that it has that whole doo-wop, ’50s kind of vibe, I would say the message is ‘Love.’”

Ace Lover’s debut single was released in 2000. Originally discovered by independent executive-producer Phil Rust of Music Family, Ace released two LP vinyl records on the Music Family label which garnered a substantial amount of interest worldwide. After his contract ended at Music Family, Ace was quickly signed to Cajo Communications and continued to release music through Fat Beats Distribution. During his stint with Cajo Communications, he toured the USA and Canada, and was named one of URB Magazine’s “Next 100” artists to watch.

“Love Me” by Ace Lover is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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