Taylor James releases instrumental version of latest single ‘Say It’s Me / Living for You’

The R ‘n’ B composer, singer and songwriter known as Taylor James has released an instrumental version of his latest popular single, “Say It’s Me / Living for You.” The track comes riding the coattails of the original release, which came to the public ear just days prior complete with James’ signature vocals, harmonies and characteristic singing timbre. It is part of a series of official releases from James late in 2014 that is led by a flagship LP, “Olde School,” and which have been received by his loyal audience with open arms. These remarkable tracks have each been published on the Hearts of Gold music label.

While the definitive “Say It’s Me / Living for You” track has been turning heads since its release, the instrumental version is at least as riveting – absolutely worthwhile as a standalone music publication. As has been posited in music press elsewhere, the music of Taylor James is multifaceted and written, performed and recorded with top-notch quality, so that the instrumentation of his records deserve to be released even without his majestic vocal tracks. This is to ensure that true audiophiles might more fully be able to appreciate his remarkable music, which is easily overshadowed by the singing for which he has been renowned for decades.

Taylor James has cited as musical inspirations the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and also the music mastermind, Quincy Jones. James’ own sound and style are funky and groovy, earmarked by excellent songwriting and composition, and polished to a high shine in the studio that most producers are unable to attain. Lush, danceable and highly textured, his recent “Good News” single has become one of the most powerful singles of 2014, and is expected to continue to grow his fan base for years to come.

Also significant from James in recent weeks is his seasonal EP, “A Taylormade Christmas,” which is perhaps the most well-produced, written and performed Christmas music to have been published in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Taylor James was born in 1953 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Jackson State University with a degree in music and a minor in recording engineering. He has been writing, recording and producing music since the age of 17. James served as drummer and lead vocalist for Wynd Chymes, whose two LP albums are still in circulation online. His own first album, “No Way Out” appeared on the Great Southern Productions (GSP) music label in 1984. He wrote and produced music under GSP from 1976-1990, after which time he built his own studio and recorded such popular artists as Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush, the William Brothers and the Canton Spirituals.

The “Say It’s Me / Living for You” instrumental version by Taylor James is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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