Starflight releases new single ‘Seasons Greetings’

The popular music group known as Starflight have released their original seasonal song, “Seasons Greetings.” It has been published by the Candyland Music independent record label. It is the most significant official release from the pop band since their April 2013 debut LP, “Adventure Beyond.” Groovy, catchy, and driven by the powerful pop-rock principles of the classic era, “Seasons Greetings” is an uplifting and endlessly fun song that will be just as effective in June as it is during the holidays.

Starflight cite as main artistic influences the Beach Boys, the Beatles, ELO, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, and Queen. As might be guessed from this golden list of legends, Starflight themselves have the hallmarks of excellent songwriting, crystalline vocal harmonies, and unstoppable hooks. They strive to make music that is both contemporary and timeless, and in this their characteristic sound takes root.

“Seasons Greetings” serves as an excellent example of this, as it is both a song intended for play during the yuletide season and written in such a way as to make it accessible to listeners at any other time of year. Few other popular tracks have been able to perform this feat as seamlessly as have Starflight, but then Starflight are an uncommonly versatile music project.

Their “Adventure Beyond” record was a return to the pre-MTV style of sound which depended on instrumental prowess and intuitive music writing, and the record reached a world of enthusiastic listeners. Their official music videos for “She Wants an Angel” and “Phasers on Stun” are some of the best-received videos by independent musicians ever published. These are currently available for viewing on their official band website [link provided below].

Speaking of the themes of their holiday single, “Seasons Greetings,” Starflight write that it is about “Peace, love, and innocence in these these fraught, depressing and frightening times.”

Starflight is a studio band from Sydney, Australia. Led by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Jib Khan, it included keyboardist and backing vocalist Damien Spanjer until recently. Starflight have said their mission is to return to the vintage sounds of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s for modern listening. Their “Adventure Beyond” full-length record was nominated in no fewer than four categories at the Australian Indie Music Awards. Damien announced his departure from the band this September, leaving Jib Khan firmly at the helm.

Khan commented on Starflight’s plans by saying, “Work has already begun on new singles as well as Starflight’s second album, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for flight!”

“Seasons Greetings” by Starflight is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Seasons Greetings” by Starflight –
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