Jagger Spacy releases new single ‘Where’d You Go?’

The rapper and songwriter known as Jagger Spacy has released his latest pop single, “Where’d You Go?” The track has been published as an independent release entirely without support from the corporate music infrastructure. Melodic, heartfelt, and spat with razor-sharp accuracy and groove, “Where’d You Go?” is a masterpiece of urban pop from this up-and-coming talent from Arizona.

Jagger Spacy cites as main artistic influences only one artist, Eminem, holder of 13 Grammy Awards at the time of writing. Spacy’s own style of rap on “Where’d You Go?” has certain qualities in common with Eminem’s, such as witty and intelligent lyrics, clever rhyme schemes, and syncopated vocal rhythms which form the key strength of Spacy’s music. His new single also features truly fantastic singing in each chorus, impeccable harmonies, and some of the most polished studio production to be heard anywhere.

Music by Jagger Spacy is also personal and autobiographical. Asked to describe how he came to begin performing music, he writes that, “It was a way I expressed my feelings, and dealt with life.”

His music isn’t just written for himself, however. Through songs like “Where’d You Go?” Spacy aims to bring a little help to the public at large, too.

“I hope that people will relate to my music and that they will be inspired,” writes the rapper. “I hope it will show people that even though we deal with life challenges and struggles, we can get through it. Failure is key. I am just rebuilding what was broken.”

Jagger Spacy has been writing, performing and producing music since the age of 18, when the tracks he recorded using the GarageBand program convinced his parents that he should be recording in professional studios. As “Where’d You Go?” clearly demonstrates, they were absolutely correct.

“I always wanted to be in the music industry,” Spacy writes, “but it was something I kept to myself … The studio we ended up going to was called Tallcat Studios. We played my songs for them and they looked at me and said, ‘You need to be doing this!’ From that day until now it’s been crazy. I now consider myself a rapper, but my mom says I’m more than a rapper, so whatever that means I’m going to go with it.”

“Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy is available online worldwide. Fans of rap, pop, and hip-hop music should get in early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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