Prezident Kane releases new LP ‘Death Before Dishonor’

The rapper known as Prezident Kane has released his latest LP album, “Death Before Dishonor.” The album is composed of 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It is the most widely distributed album to come from Kane to date and has been widely anticipated by his fans, which he proudly refers to as “my soldiers.” The album has been published on the SharkTown Records independent music label. Straight-up, hardcore gangsta rap from the heart of the American south, “Death Before Dishonor” is an old-school banger for fans of the G- sound whether young or old.

Prezident Kane cites as main artistic influences such personalities of the hip-hop scene as Master P., Tupac Shakur, the Screwed Up Click, UGK, South Park Mexican, and Do or Die. His own style is a legitimate part of the Dirty South mode of rap music, and has much in common with all related artists above.

In addition to the considerable talents of Prezident Kane, himself, his “Death Before Dishonor” LP also includes the skills of a broad spectrum of SharkTown Records friends and family. Such rappers and vocalists include Redrum, Lil Bing, Lyrikal, Merk Rock, Reality1, Hennessy, Killa, Cyr, Gina, and Pelon. Each featured artist, according to Kane himself, was given express freedom in writing his or her own lyrics for the respective tracks. The album also includes Latin Grammy Award nominee, Juan Gotti.

Speaking of the themes of his new record, Kane writes that the overall message of his new album revolves around “Real life in the streets in every hood in the world.”

Prezident Kane’s official bio describes him as being from Corpus Christi, TX by way of Chula Vista. He became the young, founding CEO of SharkTown Records at the age of 14. He began his music career by writing poetry, then branching into rap music in 1996 when a friend asked him to rap over the phone so a girl could hear him.

“My homeboy called on three-way and told me to rap to this girl on the line,” writes Prezident Kane. “She said that she was really into it … From rapping to girls, I started rapping about our lifestyles in the street.”

SharkTown Records has been renowned for their efforts in charitable social work and have been showcased on national television for this reason.

“SharkTown Records made an appearance on ABC that broadcast a local affiliated station called K-III TV-3 News,” Kane relates. “They interviewed me because we were helping the S.O.S drive and giving out free haircuts for all the kids. Some children couldn’t afford a fresh haircut on the first day of school, so we wanted to make a difference.”

This isn’t the only way Prezident Kane and SharkTown lend a hand, either.

“With our programs, we are trying to give back by helping the children that are less fortunate,” Kane writes. “SharkTown Records proudly has two programs. The first one is named the ‘Kids Keeping It Real Foundation’ for kids coming from situations they cannot control, family abuse and poverty, for instance. The second program is named the ‘F.A.D.D Org.,’ which stands for the Fight Against Drunk Driving Organization.”

SharkTown and Prezident Kane also appeared on the Johnny Canales Show, through which they were invited to the First Annual Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Parade with political leader Joe Ortiz.

“Death Before Dishonor” by Prezident Kane is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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