Gary Gould releases new single ‘Maestro’

The bassist and songwriter known as Gary Gould has released his latest official single, “Maestro,” featuring Sahib Goldsmith. The track is a pop-styled adult contemporary song with R ‘n’ B roots and strong, smooth bass lines. It has been proudly published on the Double G Records LLC independent record label. Showcasing precise, jazz-tinged vocals and undeniably sparkling songwriting, “Maestro” by Gary Gould feat. Sahib Goldsmith is easy listening of the highest caliber.

Gary Gould is a veteran bass player with experience in several disparate genres. He cites as main artistic influences such virtuosos of bass guitar as Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, Richard Davis, and Milt Hinton. His own style of playing on “Maestro” is laid back and spacious, unpretentious and tastefully sonorous, with more attention paid to which notes are struck rather than how many of them at a time. Gould’s mellow manner pares down his phrasing so that the bass actually takes the forefront of the instrumentation without sounding overbearing.

Filling in the gaps is the soft, classy crooning of Sahib Goldsmith. Goldsmith’s singing is steeped in rhythm and blues and maintains a polished, grooving cadence throughout. His tone is earnest, and his pitch is spotlessly clean, making for a vocal performance which could hardly be bested. The heartfelt delivery of his singing lends much to the lyrical meaning of the song, which is at the core of its best qualities.

Speaking of these themes, Gould writes, “This song is dedicated to my Dad who passed several years ago. I wrote the music and Sahib Goldsmith conveyed what my Dad passed on to me, and how his memory lives on. It is dedicated to all who have lost a significant person in their life.”

The title of the song, too, is a reflection of this homage.

“I called my Dad ‘Maestro’ and he called me ‘Maestro, Jr.,’” Gould writes.

Gary Gould has been playing with the LC Swing Big Band since 2007. He also collaborates with a funk and Latin jazz group, Ictus. His debut record, “Excursions,” was published in 2005. He has played gospel, funk, R&B, doo-wop, rock and jazz, and has performed in Canada as well as at various venues in the United States.

“Maestro” by Gary Gould is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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