Vaughty releases new single ‘One Way to Nowhere’

UK singer and songwriter Vaughty has released his latest single, “One Way to Nowhere.” It has been released on the Aggro Monkey Records independent label. The track comes on the heels of his January 2014 release, “Crash ‘n Burn.” Both tracks, in addition to a series of singles going back to spring of 2013, are rumored to be building toward the release of a debut, avidly awaited and full-length Vaughty record, the drop date of which has not been officially announced. Delightfully dark without a hint of dreariness, “One Way to Nowhere” is likely to emerge as a fan favorite in coming months as Vaughty winds up to a triumphant fever pitch.

Vaughty has suggested as musical influences Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, and Tangerine Dream, but “Violator”-era Depeche Mode is chief among them in terms of tonal similarities. Vaughty’s music differs in that his brand of electronic music feels much more live while remaining equally danceable, and often more so. In a genre populated by overzealous producers brought to the game by newly accessible home-studio software, Vaughty’s knack for limiting instrumentation while evoking maximum emotion is a rare quality, one which sets him apart from his contemporaries and his inspirations alike.

True to form, “One Way to Nowhere” is colorfully decorated with his signature, old-school synth style, driven by relentless drum-and-bass and headed by vocals provided by the shadowy man, himself. Vaughty tracks currently available for public listening pair him with sultry, velvety female singing which gives his music a feminine dimension against his enigmatic, coolly crooning voice. Notably, “One Way to Nowhere” is the first official V single to feature him alone at the mic, and the power of his glowering undertones is as unmistakeable as a solitary tower silhouetted against a night horizon.

The night is an important motif in Vaughty’s music, in fact, as is also the grittiness of urban living. “One Way to Nowhere” is the first of his singles to directly address these without also tying in romantic themes, however.

“’One Way to Nowhere’ talks about how we as vulnerable human beings live and exist through the severities of city life,” the artist writes. “The city is both beautiful and scary at the same time. The pretty lights hide the menace which hides behind the hardships and realities of living in such a huge place.”

The single isn’t just about the viciousness of bustling metropolises, though. It has at its core a purely humanist principle.

“City life corrupts and consumes us as human beings,” Vaughty writes. “People believe that they are right and that everyone else is wrong. Many persons know their way around the city better than they know themselves.”

“One Way to Nowhere” by Vaughty is available online worldwide. Fans of all genres of music should get in early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

One Way to Nowhere” by Vaughty –


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