Outtatown EQ releases new single ‘Shawty Got a Thing for a G’

The R ‘n’ B singer and songwriter known as Outtatown EQ has released his latest official single, “Shawty Got a Thing for a G.” The track has been released on the popular OTMG independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Classy, crooning, smooth as glass and suave as a satin jacket, “Shawty Got a Thing for a G” is a clear sign that rhythm and blues is still a vibrant scene on the west coast of America.


Outtatown EQ cites as main artistic influences only four popular musicians, all of them from outside R ‘n’ B and performing rather in the realms of rap and hip hop. These include such legends as Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., E-40, and Lil’ Oakland, Outtatown’s own brother, with whom he appeared on the 2013 mixtape, “The Lost Tape” with the likes of A15150, T-Mafianie, and Salokin. “The Lost Tape” appeared on Datpiff.com and other official urban-music drop sites courtesy of All4r1ne Records ‘n’ Productions in association with Outtatown Music Group (OTMG).


Speaking of the themes of his new single, Outtatown EQ writes that his message is, “To relax and enjoy life! Live it up, we have one life. Live it up and party, and keep it G. Keep it 100, that’s the main topic. Keep it G.”


Outtatown EQ was born and raised in the urban music underground of Oakland, CA. He has been making music with other artists since the age of nine, his first crew being the Soldiers. At 16, he decided it was time to take his music to the next level.


“I realized I had talent,” he writes. “I got in contact with a few of my friends, and they challenged me to be better as a person, as a singer, and as a songwriter. Every day that I woke up, I made a song. I wrote a song, I felt like a better person.”


This trajectory led Outtatown EQ to the success that is embodied in “Shawty Got a Thing for a G.”


“I followed my dreams,” he continues. “I stuck with my heart. I started making my own beats at 19-years old. I make my beats on FL Studio, Reasons, GarageBand, and on an MPC 2000. In the month of February, 2014 I made the beat for “Shawty…” In the month of May I wrote the lyrics for “Shawty…” In September the song was recorded, and on November 5th this song officially drops everywhere: iTunes, Pandora, MTV, PlayStation Network, ReverbNation, Facebook, etc.”


“Shawty Got a Thing for a G” by Outtatown EQ is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Shawty Got a Thing for a G” by Outtatown EQ –




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