Concrete Sledge releases new EP ‘Humble Origins’

The metal band known as Concrete Sledge has released their new EP album, “Humble Origins.” The EP is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making for a comprehensive treatment of the band’s material. It has been proudly published independent of financial or managerial support from the corporate music industry. Contemporary, innovative and fresh, yet with a quasi-traditional metal tone and style, “Humble Origins” is a clear sign that the old, explosive sound is alive and thrashing, thanks to new groups such as Concrete Sledge.


Concrete Sledge cite as main artistic influences such titans of heavy metal as Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Metallica, and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Their own sonic character blends many of the best attributes of these while creating and adding many of their own. Elements of thrash and speed metal are present, though not so many as to confuse their proper genre, which leans more to the pure metal core than to any one of the associated subgenres. That their band name makes homage to “Primal Concrete Sledge” from Pantera’s definitive 1990 album, “Cowboys from Hell,” is also no accident, and should serve as a hint to what fans might be in for on “Humble Origins.”


The title of Concrete Sledge’s own record is also no accident.


“Our EP is a small piece of what we as a band are capable of musically,” writes Concrete Sledge. “’Humble Origins’ is a sample of what we as a band have in store for the world, but above that, it is a symbol of where we come from and how we relate to all our fellow musicians.”


This unassuming attitude is present in the themes of their songs, as well as in the musicianship and instrumental songwriting thereof. At no point in “Humble Origins” does the listener think that the guitar solo should have been five-minutes shorter. This is refreshing and rare, too, in a music category once plagued by corporate-rock conceit and abject arrogance onstage.


Also notable is that each member of Concrete Sledge – Paul Gutierrez, Ivan Duran, Elden Chan, and Tomas Bonilla – write their own music for each track. This sharing of responsibility, now more rare than was once fairly standard in the scene, allows also for a balanced sharing of credit and fan appreciation. As a result, the entire record feels expertly and creatively handled by persons who really dig their metal, and who have palpable chemistry which translates in their recordings.


Concrete Sledge was founded in 2010 in Rosemead, CA. They have shared the stage with such popular crews as Exmortus, Holy Grail, PHILM, Warbringer, Decrepit Birth, Nekrogoblikon, DevilDriver, Destruction, and Trivium. They have appeared at such famous Southern-California venues as the Whisky A Go Go, the Roxy, and the Observatory.


“Humble Origins” by Concrete Sledge is available online worldwide. Metal fans should get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Humble Origins” by Concrete Sledge –
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