Bemet release new self-titled EP

The composers of electronic music known around the world as Bemet have released their self-titled EP, “Bemet.” The extended-play record contains five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the InchPerSecond Records independent music label, entirely without financial support from the corporate music industry. Innovative, colorful, infinitely danceable and alive with sonic textures, “Bemet” by Bemet is the latest EDM record to prove that Israel’s electronic music culture produces some of the best in the world.


Rather than naming names, Bemet cite as main artistic influences whole categories of music, including rock, jazz, psychedelia and experimental music, but their actual style belongs to more specific modern categories such as bass music, drum-&-bass, and breaks. The five tracks offered on “Bemet” showcase them as an act which utilizes elements of each to elicit various effects. Their aggressive overtones and tribal, yet sophisticated drums are akin to those found in rock and jazz, respectively. Their opening intro track, “Saboye,” is both psychedelic and experimental in nature, a fitting primer for the rest of the record. They are known in Israel and abroad as a vivifying live performance group.


Bemet are Hod Moshonov and Amir Bresler, composers who blend acoustic and electronic instrumentation for a top-shelf sound that has been turning heads internationally. Prior to Bemet’s official formation in 2013, both Moshonov and Bresler enjoyed years of success as solo artists respectively. Amir Bresler toured the world with famous bassist, singer and composer Avishai Cohen, and has shared the stage with such talents as Daniel Zamir, Alon Olearchick and Shlomo Gronich. Hod Mosohonov, a widely respected composer in the Israeli electronica underground, himself, has collaborated with artists including Yossi Fine, Terri Lyne Carrington, Matti Caspi, and others.


Bemet’s official bio describes them as having together “developed a language based primarily on rhythms, melodies and harmonies,” and an “open sense of humor.” “They combine their personal interpretations and thus form an honest and touching statement out of true, modern music,” it states. Bemet have already collaborated with such names as Laroz, MC Rebel Sun and Ruslan Sirota.

“Bemet” by Bemet is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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