Angelina E releases debut single ‘He Creepin’

The singer and songwriter known as Angelina E has released her latest single, “He Creepin.” The single has been concurrently released with a corresponding official music video, available now. The single track, “He Creepin,” is also available for listening and download online everywhere. Both feminine and aggressive in her urban style and themes, Angelina E has made this anti-infidelity anthem from endless amounts of rhythm, bass and bump.


Angelina E hails from the hip-hop hotbed of West Philadelphia. She cites as main artistic influences titans like Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino. Her own mode of music is unlike that of anyone else, however, baring much of her strong character and creative sonic vision. Angelina E has been a music artist for most of her life.


“I started writing at the age of 10,” she writes. “Music came to me very naturally and organically. It’s my passion.”


Her official bio quotes her as having given the following mission statement for her music: “To break new grounds, to explore different topics, and to do something that’s never been done before.”


These topics Angelina E explores are widely varied enough to ring true to virtually any music listener. Her lines and rhymes take misfortunes from all areas of life and extracts from them messages of hope, confidence and encouragement. She is particularly equipped to write and perform songs of this nature, having come from family who mostly disdained her lofty music goals.


“Angelina E has faced adversity before and knows that she will again,” states her bio. “The artist’s family was not terribly supportive of her dreams, leaving the artist feeling as though they didn’t believe in her. Yet her indomitable spirit kept her going, drawing from her unique personal experiences to capture the heartbeat of each moment, bringing honesty while turning negativity into something positive and compelling.”


Angelina E went on to earn a university degree in music business and business and communications, with which she graduated a semester ahead of schedule. At school she joined the Recording Academy, and became a junior music executive just after graduation. She is the founder of the Artful Hip Hop Entertainment music label.


“He Creepin” by Angelina E is available for listening and download worldwide. Don’t miss the official music video, available online soon.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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He Creepin” official video –
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