Art&Sax release new single ‘Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire (Fonai Remix)’

The saxophone quartet known in Europe and internationally as Art&Sax have released their latest single, “Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire (Fonai Remix).” The track is the most significant official release from the group since their popular July 2014 debut EP, “Gare St. Lazare,” which garnered them positive remarks from music critics and casual listeners alike from around the globe. The Fonai remix of “Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire” by Art&Sax is the most recent example of today’s classical resurgence in modern listening trends, as well as a sign that classic compositions can still be renewed by players like Art&Sax with dazzlingly creative, contemporary flair.


“Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire” is a standard classical piece for saxophone quartets by French composer Gabriel Pierne. Art&Sax’s masterful performance of this selection has also been rendered into its razor-sharp, hyper-futuristic present form by digital composer Fonai, AKA Andrzej Pieszak. Pieszak is a Warsaw-based DJ specializing in sounds and sonic textures of new-millennium urban landscapes. The electronic frills etched by Fonai onto the flawless brass canvas of Art&Sax results in a track that is part classical, part jazz, and all good.


Art&Sax have published “Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire” on New York’s Scotch and Murder Music independent record label, to which they have been unwaveringly loyal. The label’s steadily growing strength in both underground and mainstream listening circles is at least partially due to top-shelf remixes of pop music by the likes of Willow Smith and Arcade Fire, but more importantly to original recordings by performance groups like Art&Sax.


Scotch and Murder Music describe themselves on their official Facebook page as, “An exodus from the nonsensical radio waves / A world apart from the mainstream / Only the finest of music belongs here.”


“Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire (Fonai Remix)” by Art&Sax is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire (Fonai Remix)” by Art&Sax –
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