Vermin and the Beachrat release new EP ‘My Fantasy’

The singer and songwriter known as Vermin and the Beachrat has released his latest EP record album, “My Fantasy.” The album is comprised of seven original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. It has been published as an independent release and is listed variously online under the country, alt-country, and Americana music genres. Stylish, eclectic, creative and rocking, “My Fantasy” by Vermin and the Beachrat is a new sound for the modern age with echoes of classic rock in its bones.


Vermin and the Beachrat cites as main artistic influences some of the best songwriters of rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, John Fogerty, and the solo work of John Lennon. Vermin’s own sound, however, is one which must be heard to be understood. A melodic mix of surf-rock tones and shadowy rockabilly singing, not unlike the vocals of Nick Cave crossed with those of Roy Orbison, is perhaps the EP’s most striking quality. Consistently strong songwriting, too, places this album among Vermin and the Beachrat’s best releases.


Speaking of the themes of the “My Fantasy” EP, Vermin and the Beachrat writes, “I’m an American singer-songwriter writing songs about love, hope, and dreams. My goal is to unite the world to work together through music.”


Vermin and the Beachrat is a veteran songwriter who wrote all the material for the Beachrats in the 1980s and ’90s. After the members of that early group left for various reasons over time, Vermin kept his edge as many other musicians do around the world: he played in cover bands. Leaving the cover circuit to return to writing originals in 2009, Vermin and the Beachrat released a seven-song debut EP in 2010 titled “Crossing the Line.” The debut record is still available for preview and purchase online, but Vermin’s sound doesn’t fit the typical pigeonholes.


“I still haven’t figured out the genre,” he writes. “Guess that’s what makes my songs original. They are heartfelt songs. I call it beachrat music.”


“My Fantasy” by Vermin and the Beachrat is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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