Måns Williamson releases LP record ‘Postcard’

The singer and songwriter known as Måns Williamson has released his most high-profile record to date, “Postcard.” The LP album comprises nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without financial backing from the corporate music industry. Raw, natural, and full of passion and spirit, “Postcard” proves that alternative country music comes from the heart, not just from Nashville.


Swedish composer Måns Williamson cites as main artistic influences such disparately talented musicians as Eric Bibb, Keb’ Mo’, Guy Clark, Luther Vandross, and even Algerian favorite, Souad Massi. This broad spectrum of personal interests may seem too differing to add much to Williamson’s personal style, yet inklings of each of them appear on “Postcard” in a variety of ways.


“Postcard” is a country/western record spiced with elements of alternative music, and each of its nine offerings brings its own theme and feel to the whole. Still, a heartfelt and folk-inspired narrative is something all of Williamson’s songs have in common. A short listen is all that is necessary to note the extreme care with which the artist has chosen his words.


A certain classic rock tonality pervades the record, too, which will be none too surprising to listeners already acquainted with him. Speaking of his start in music at the age of 10, he writes, “My father gave me a guitar when I was a kid and introduced me to bands like the Beatles and the Byrds.” This led him to busking on the streets of his hometown, playing folk and country music along with songs of the 1960s.


Born to parents who ran a music venue, Williamson was exposed to nearly every style of playing. His repertoire has included (and continues to be flavored with) an amalgam of musical modes such as jazz, soul, and even the music of Palestine, which he performed in a Palestinian band playing the Arabic lute before returning to singing and songwriting with an acoustic guitar.


Asked to relate the main message his record has in store for music fans, he writes simply that it is intended to communicate “Kindness and compassion towards others and yourself.”


“Postcard” by Måns Williamson is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Postcard” by Måns Williamson –





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