Glitch Arsonist G5 releases new LP ‘The Great Tribulation’

The East Coast rapper known as Glitch Arsonist G5 has released his latest LP album, “The Great Tribulation.” The record is composed of 9 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 30 minutes. It is the most recent official release from Glitch Arsonist since his spring 2013 album, “Ten Years of Writing.” Both LPs are produced and distributed on New York’s independent music label, the Establishment Records. Backed with unstoppable beats, bass, rhymes and lines, “The Great Tribulation” is the latest in what is sure to be a long series of titanic records from Glitch Arsonist G5.


Glitch Arsonist cites as main artistic influences only one legendary rapper, Nas.


“I used to always try to top Nas’ album lyrically after every [album] he dropped,” writes Glitch Arsonist. “He used to put me in the real lyrical mood and mental state and would have me rapping about similar content.”


Intuitively, “The Great Tribulation” is packed with many of the same attributes and qualities which have made Nas’ music so integral to the lasting power of the hip-hop movement. Glitch Arsonist’s thought-provoking lyrics, aggressive vocal delivery and pounding, thumping back beats drive his record from start to finish like a steam engine gone off the rails. His long-standing promise to restore the rap scene to its former glory by bringing back the “REAL hip hop” sound was partially fulfilled by “Ten Years of Writing,” and “The Great Tribulation” brings his goal even closer.


Glitch Arsonist G5 got his start by recording “dis” records during the Nas / Jay-Z feud in the early 2000s.


“During that era my ‘hood was split up into record labels (cliques, groups),” writes Glitch, “and we were all making dis records at each other at my niggaz crib on his karaoke machine. We used to go outside with a radio playing our songs to get a response for it, to see how good it was and for bragging rights and competition.”


The response, as it turned out, was strong. By the time he was 15, Glitch had attracted the attention of a manager.


“He pushed me to record my first album and make songs. He got me the beats and I used to rap my songs to him in his car when he came through to see if it was good enough to record in the studio. They were always good enough to record, but that helped me keep my skills sharp and to try to produce my best work, as well as using his guidance to learn how to perfect and master the recording process.”


Glitch Arsonist printed 1000 CDs and sold them on the street. 700 albums deep, everything started to fall into place. His latest record is undoubtedly his greatest work to date, founded on more than ten years of writing, rapping, and putting everything he’s got into making straight-up, heavy-hitting hip-hop records.


“The Great Tribulation” by Glitch Arsonist G5 is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


The Great Tribulation” by Glitch Arsonist G5 –


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