Bells and Robes release new EP ‘One Should See Sound’

The electronica duo known as Bells and Robes have released their latest EP record, “One Should See Sound.” The EP comprises six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without the support of the corporate music industry. Smooth, groovy, stylish and infinitely danceable, “One Should See Sound” by Bells and Robes is a record that anyone with ears can get into right away.


Bells and Robes cite as main artistic influences such various musicians as Flying Lotus, Flume, Beats Antique, Frank Sinatra, the Flaming Lips, and Darkside. As might be imagined, their sound takes various cues from each of these and arrives at its own character with a cool, jazzy ambiance and a crisp, clean overtone. Their drums are clever and spacious, a living part of the record, a rare treat in a genre of music often criticized for being overly mechanical and filled with loops.


Speaking of the themes present in “One Should See Sound,” Bells and Robes write: “The album takes listeners on a colorful journey through time and space. The name ‘Bells and Robes’ comes from a Zen koan referencing the merging of color and sound.”


The merging of color and sound on their new EP is palpable, like the visions which often accompany listening to classical music or the background score to a feature film. The connection Bells and Robes have to classical music principles is ever-present in their own composition of digital music. They speak of this openly.


“Great composers of the past once created ‘absolute music,’” they write. “This music was given the title because it had no meaning and simply wished to express the pure emotion felt and heard by the listener without narrowing itself down to a tangible meaning. Bells and Robes wish to expand upon this abstract idea and make music devoid of a concrete and tangible meaning. The music expresses being and sight as one, creating a sonic atmosphere that will leave listeners traveling through a populous and flowing world.”


Though they acknowledge that there is more to their record than mere music, the actual listening experience is a mellow, expansive one which calms and remains invigorating at the same time.


“Bells and Robes has always attempted to make music that draws visual imagery into the listeners mind through the use of psychedelic textures and ambient elements,” they explain. “This EP hopes to continue on that voyage to unite both sound and vision into one form that allows listeners to take whatever meaning they may wish from the music.”


Bells and Robes have performed with such artists as Beats Antique, Emancipator, Odezsa, Papadosio, Reptar, Break Science, Stokeswood, the Heavy Pets, Antihero, Dynohunter, Sounduo, the Savants of Soul, and Ruby. They have been featured on Purple Hatter’s Ball, 1 Spark, and the Swamp Records Showcase.


“One Should See Sound” by Bells and Robes is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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