Healing Rain Christian Music releases new LP ‘Miracles Still Happen’

The purveyors of spiritual music known as the Healing Rain Worship Team have released their new LP record, “Miracles Still Happen.” The album is composed of 42 minutes’ worth of uplifting and empowering music in eight original recordings. It has been published on the Healing Rain Christian Music, Inc. record label. Billed variously as Christian contemporary music, adult contemporary music, and even rock music, “Miracles Still Happen” is an example of the continuing creativity and passion expressed by the children of God in the music world today, and a solid listen both for those looking to worship and those in need of a heavenly hand, alike.


Asked to cite a few musical influences, Minnesota-based Healing Rain cite Hillsong Australia and Darlene Zschech, as well as gospel legend Andrae Crouch. Their own sound is bold and impetuous while maintaining a steadfast focus on their principles, as well as on their lyric roots in the Christian Bible. They aren’t a traditional praise group, however. They’re changing the way Christian music is done.


“Under the performing name of Healing Rain Worship Team,” the band writes, “we have assembled a cross-cultural group of Christian musicians and singers, and together are creating this subgenre of Christian music called contemporary-Christian fusion. By ‘fusion,’ we imply combining the music scales of western christian music with that of other cultures.”


The band’s official bio goes on to explain that this blend can be tailored to produce “a melody and rhythm that sits well with the ear of audiences across most continents which have a Christian population.”


This means everywhere but Antarctica, it can be surmised, and Healing Rain intends to bring this music into entirely new contexts – not just the Sunday worship service.


“Our goal is for Christians to sing our songs in their homes, in their cars and in their churches,” they write.


“Miracles Still Happen” by the Healing Rain Worship Team is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Miracles Still Happen” by the Healing Rain Worship Team –



Healing Rain Worship Team promotional videos –




Healing Rain Worship Team official Facebook page –




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